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Scorpio Full Moon square Pluto: Buddha Moon

full moon scorpio Apr 19, 2024

Today, Mars in Pisces sextiles the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus, activating its breakthrough energy as they exactly align tomorrow. I don't know about you, but I haven't been sleeping well the past few nights and just generally feel buzzed and restless.

This is a time to be aware of the revolutionary shifts in our lives and in the collective. The Jupiter-Uranus is exact on my South Node, meaning Mars is trining my North Node in Scorpio! That's probably the catalyst that inspired me to launch my Lunar Nodes course which starts May 25.

And speaking of Scorpio, we're coming up on the Scorpio Full Moon square powerful Pluto in Aquarius on Tuesday, April 23. It was a Scorpio Full Moon that the Buddha attained enlightenment, meditating under the Bodhi tree which is perfectly symbolic of his metamorphosis from indulged prince living a life of luxury, sequestered from the sorrows of the world into an entirely new identity of one who renounced the...

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Libra Lunar Eclipse // Resolving Karmic Contracts

Libra Lunar Eclipse
Monday, March 25
12:00 AM PDT / 3:00 AM EDT
5 degrees Libra / Aries

As the Moon waxes toward an opposition with the exalted Aries Sun, they're aligning for 
Monday's lunar eclipse in Libra. A lunar eclipse is a full moon within 12 degrees of the nodal axis, which signifies shifts of fate and re-alignment of destiny. 

The South Node and Moon in Libra suggest relationships, agreements and negotiations needing resolution. Assumptions we've been operating on in relationships may be revealed. Issues of fairness and equality are important, and with the Sun in Aries, there's a focus on purpose and self-interest. Something is coming to a culmination which may have a bittersweet tone to it, especially if its time is ending or transitioning into a new phase. The South Node offers a release of burdens or it can invite helpful influences from the past but with a sense that they have served their purpose. 

Venus is the ruler of this lunar...

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Cancer Full Moon + Jupiter Blessing

full moon Dec 26, 2023

Cancer Full Moon occurs December 26 at 4:33 pm PST / 7:33 pm EST with the Moon at 4 degrees Cancer opposing the 4 degree Capricorn Sun.

Full Moons in the Water signs activate emotional tension and expression, similar to the rising tides of the ocean. Tears may flow more easily when our sensitive hearts are touched. In Cancer, the Moon's home sign, themes center around family, home, mothering, protection and craving for emotional comfort.

Self-soothing can be especially healing now, whether it's in the form of your favorite cozy sweater, tucking in to a warm bowl of soup, snuggling under the duvet, or writing in your private journal, allowing emotion to flow through weaving your own personal myth.

As the Moon trines Saturn in Pisces, there's ease in allowing creative inspiration to fuel our discipline. Abundant Jupiter in Taurus sextiles the Full Moon and the following day, Jupiter trines the Sun, so there's great...

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Taurus Lunar Eclipse + Mars-Mercury opp Jupiter

full moon lunar eclipse Oct 24, 2023

Taurus Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon
Saturday, Oct 28
1:24 PM PDT / 4:24 PM EDT
5 degrees Taurus / Scorpio

The final eclipse in Taurus is coming to fruition. The series of eclipses in the Taurus/Scorpio axis of transformation began with the Taurus Lunar Eclipse on November 19, 2021. With this final Taurus Lunar Eclipse, that which has been cultivated is ripening and ready for release, bringing one chapter to a close. In some significant way, our values have been transformed.

As an archetype, Taurus is concerned with the topic of survival, at its core. The fear of poverty and lack can activate the survival instincts for safety and security. This is why Taurus is associated with self-sufficiency and skill development, so that one can obtain what is needed - such a money, possessions, shelter - in order to sustain life. That dogged determination to put one foot in front of the other and to do what is necessary for survival is an essential character trait of Taurus.


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Sagittarius Full Moon on the Great Attractor

full moon Jun 02, 2023

As I write this a day prior to the Full Moon, the Waxing Gibbous Moon in deep Scorpio is activating a Grand Water Trine with transcendent Neptune in Pisces and cozy Venus in Cancer, exact tonight at about 8:41 pm EDT. There is something mystical and otherworldly about this Grand Water Trine, and with the Scorpio Moon, the waters draw us into the emotional depths. If we have something or someone to grieve, tonight would be an auspicious moment to let the emotional waters carry us away.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius aligns on Saturday, June 3 at 11:41 p.m. EDT 13 degrees, conjunct the Great Attractor. At it's best, Sagittarius is celebratory and enthusiastic. Ruled by Jupiter, the Moon here is attracted to optimistic and expansive possibilities. Perhaps once we've emerged from an emotional catharsis or escapist trance, the fire of adventure ignites in our hearts.

The Great Attractor at 14 Sagittarius is a highly activated degree with...

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Scorpio Lunar Eclipse Opposite Uranus

May 5 Full Moon @ 10:34 am PST / 1:34 pm EDT
14 Scorpio/Taurus

The penumbral lunar eclipse will begin at 11:13 a.m. EDT (1513 GMT) on Friday (May 5) and will peak at 1:24 p.m. EDT (1724 GMT). The eclipse will end at 3:31 p.m. EDT (1932 GMT) when the moon emerges from the Earth's shadow.

The May 5 Full Moon in Scorpio is a Lunar Eclipse, and the last eclipse in Scorpio for 8 years, until 2031. Those with Scorpio natal planets and angles have a special understanding of the private, even secretive nature of this sign. Scorpio values deep bonds, consolidates energy and conceals intense emotions. It's the archetypal sorceress within us.

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio reveals what's been lurking in the shadows such as secrets hidden from view or truths obscured from consciousness. Simmering emotional resentments can become especially difficult, if not impossible, to suppress. Many of us may even experience a dark night of the soul to deeply unearth the true purpose...

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