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Cancer Full Moon + Jupiter Blessing

full moon Dec 26, 2023

Cancer Full Moon occurs December 26 at 4:33 pm PST / 7:33 pm EST with the Moon at 4 degrees Cancer opposing the 4 degree Capricorn Sun.

Full Moons in the Water signs activate emotional tension and expression, similar to the rising tides of the ocean. Tears may flow more easily when our sensitive hearts are touched. In Cancer, the Moon's home sign, themes center around family, home, mothering, protection and craving for emotional comfort.

Self-soothing can be especially healing now, whether it's in the form of your favorite cozy sweater, tucking in to a warm bowl of soup, snuggling under the duvet, or writing in your private journal, allowing emotion to flow through weaving your own personal myth.

As the Moon trines Saturn in Pisces, there's ease in allowing creative inspiration to fuel our discipline. Abundant Jupiter in Taurus sextiles the Full Moon and the following day, Jupiter trines the Sun, so there's great potential for a sense of purpose to support our higher aspirations and even offer benefits - either with increased confidence, a sense of achievement or material rewards.

Mercury retrograde is meeting with Mars in Sagittarius which can spur the sudden urge for adventure, however, we'll want to watch our reactions and irritations, especially when it comes to speaking out of aggravation. 

On a positive note, opportunistic Jupiter begins to move direct on December 30, soon followed by communication Mercury who stations direct on January 1. This bodes well for a sense of forward momentum as we embark on a New Year!

In January, I have some limited spots available on Saturdays for 1-1 astrology sessions. This is an excellent time to reflect on the months ahead with a fresh perspective and renewed momentum.

This Mercury retrograde had me retrieving my Radiant Astrology Podcast from being lost in space. You can now listed on both Apple and Spotify - where subscribers can leave me a voice message! Be sure to check out the latest episode on the astrology of 2024.

And speaking of Mercury, we have a revised date for our 2024 Forecast workshop of Sunday, January 7 at 11 am EST. Hopefully this new date will accommodate more New Year schedules better, plus we'll be further out from the Mercury station which tends to cause a bit of havoc in the days around the shift of direction.

As 2024 is an 8 year of renewal and infinite possibility, you'll want to make the very most of it - as well as catch the wave for the Superbloom of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction coming in April.

In this workshop, we'll guide you in integrating astrological wisdom with the higher mind and somatic experience  through a powerful visioning exercise where you will "prophesize" your own future and reveal a mantra to be your touchstone for the journey ahead. I hope you'll join us!

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