Leo New Moon | Bold Declarations

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2022

Thursday, July 28
10:55 am PDT / 1:55 pm EDT
5 degrees Leo

Tis the season of Leos starpower!

Ever since Saturn began transiting Aquarius in December of 2020, it's opposed Leo and those with significant Leo signatures - particularly the Sun and Moon - have been feeling the pressure of Saturn which can bring delays, burdens or a sense of isolation - which loveable Leo's especially chafe against. And in 2022 as the Lunar Nodes Taurus-Scorpio bring shifts of fate to the Fixed signs, it seems the focus has been everywhere but on dear Leo.

Yet now at the Leo New Moon, the spotlight is most definitely shining on the most charismatic of all signs, as the Sun is in its rulership here and illuminates creative expression, star quality, flamboyance and heightened drama over the next 2 weeks.

The Leo Moon at its best is generous and loving but can also be capable of diva-like behavior, especially when they don't feel valued. The Leo New Moon aligns with Mercury, suggesting bold ideas...

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Capricorn Full Moon | Maturescence

Uncategorized Jul 12, 2022

Capricorn Full Moon
July 13, 2022
11:37 am PDT / 2:37 pm EDT
21 degrees Capricorn Moon / Cancer Sun

"Dwell on the beauty of life.
Watch the stars and see yourself running alongside them."
-Marcus Aurelius

I recently came across the word "maturescence" which apparently means "approaching maturity." To me, it sounds like a merging of 'mature' and 'essence' which may be why it seems so fitting for this Capricorn Full Moon. The Full Moon is the maturation of the lunation cycle, and Capricorn is symbolized by the seagoat, a half-goat half-fish creature adept at climbing craggy mountains and swimming through the sea - a hybrid of the practical and the mystical.

This Capricorn Full Moon forms a conjunction to intense Pluto and sextile imaginative Neptune. And symbolic of these aspects, today NASA released astounding images of space from their Webb telescope. Brilliantly powerful images of the eternally vast cosmos, some millions of lightyears away, of stars...

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Cancer New Moon | Filling the Void

Uncategorized Jun 29, 2022

Last night's New Moon implants the seed that sets the tone for the lunation cycle now beginning in the Moon's home sign of Cancer. The Water sign of Cancer seeks to give and receive nurturance, emotional security and intuitive connection. Themes of home, family, mothers/mothering, the womb and ancestry are Cancer's realm.

The Balsamic days leading up to the New Moon seemed especially dark and strange, as Neptune, planet of illusion was stationing retrograde creating a sense of void, washing away dreams and fantasies. As the veil of illusion lifts, we may see how we've been deluding ourselves with a false sense of security - yet clarity is always a gift worth our awareness.

A square from Jupiter in Aries to the New Moon is eager to fill the void with fiery enthusiasm and outrageous hope. Venus in Gemini is sextile Jupiter offering sweet words of encouragement or escapist pleasures. The flexibility of minds and hearts of Venus and Mercury in Gemini can be...

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Sagittarius Full Moon square Neptune | Stream of Consciousness

Uncategorized Jun 13, 2022

Sagittarius Full Moon
June 14, 2022
4:51 am PDT / 7:51 am EDT
23 degrees Sagittarius Moon / Gemini Sun

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.”
- Carl Gustav Jung

Tuesday's Sagittarius Full Moon creates a vast opening of a stream of consciousness and expanded awareness as the Full Moon activates the Galactic Center, a supermassive black hole associated with clearing away density, allowing for access to higher realms.

This Full Moon illuminates long-held beliefs and may have many questioning the nature of truth, justice, spirituality and higher-mind awareness.

The Sagittarius Moon is often drawn to taking up a crusade or the expression of righteousness. And as Mars conjoins Chiron in Aries, the archetype of the wounded warrior continuing to pursue justice through maverick willpower is strong in the collective.

However, the Full Moon's square to Neptune in Pisces threatens to delude the collective consciousness...

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8 Tips to Amplify Your Astrology Session with Me

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2022

Whether you're new to astrology or have followed it for years, it always helps to arrive a bit prepared for an astrology reading - and to get to know more about the astrologer you're entrusting your time with.

Here's my 8 Tips to Amplify Your Astrology Session with Me...

1 - Focus on what's most important in your life, right now.

My Astrological Guidance Sessions are designed to help you gain clarity around some of your most challenging issues - those which will have an impact on your life and future.

While astrology is used as a guide, this is not an astrology tutoring session to learn everything you ever wanted to know about your past life, current lifetime and future potential - in 1 hour! So rather than letting curiosity get the best of you and leave you overwhelmed and even more confused than when you came to your session, it's best to focus on what's most important in your life at this time in order to gain valuable clarity.

When you book a session, the...

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Gemini New Moon | Re-connection

Uncategorized May 31, 2022

Monday, May 30, 2022
4:30 AM PDT / 7:30 AM EDT
9 degrees Gemini

Monday's Gemini New Moon brings eclipse season to a close and begins a month-long cycle of curiosity, learning and (re-)connection. Gemini season directs the focus to communication, information, ideas, networking, travel and multi-tasking.

As the New Moon is boosted by a sextile from Mars-Jupiter in Aries, motivation for new pathways for learning, networking and connecting are becoming available. And for those fired up by righteous causes, this may be a time to embark upon a crusade fueled by facts and sharpened intelligence.

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini is retrograde in Taurus until June 3 and in a square with Saturn which may continue to create a bit of a slow down in mental energy, decision-making and travel - especially as Saturn stations retrograde June 4.

But by the Sagittarius Full Moon June 14 Mercury will be direct and offer some long-awaited clarity and mental renewal, having re-entered its home...

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Wonderland: Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces

Uncategorized Apr 10, 2022

The Jupiter-Neptune alchemy is nearly exact as these planets of expansion fuse on April 12 at 23 Pisces. Allow serendipity to guide you through Wonderland.

A vast landscape is unfolding, signaling a new 12-year cycle in the realm of spirituality, inspiration, imagination and purification. As one dream dissolves a new one is beginning to form.

The last time these planets of imagination and possibility met in Pisces was in 1856, so this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that's been aligning in the skies and will continue to thrum well into May. However, Jupiter and Neptune conjoin approximately every 12-13 years, the last time was in May 2009 at 26 Aquarius, conjunct Chiron. Their next conjunction will be in 2035 in Aries.

While Jupiter expands, Neptune dissolves. Their manifestations can be amplifying or depleting, as Neptune symbolizes the spectrum from blissful euphoria to the depths of despair and disappointment. At its best, it's a wish fulfilled in divine timing.


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Aries New Moon | Pioneering

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2022

Aries New Moon
April 1, 2022
2:24 am EDT
11 degrees Aries

“Rarely, if ever, are any of us healed in isolation. Healing is an act of communion.”
- bell hooks

Today's Aries New Moon has the sense of embarking upon a new adventure, integrating our humanity in the process. Aries is the Warrior and the Pioneer. As the Sun, symbolic of life force, is exalted in Aries, we begin a cycle of renewed courage and determination, allowing instinct to guide us.

This New Moon is conjoined to both Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and Mercury, the Messenger, suggesting a self-focus on personal goals. Chiron in Aries is the Wounded Warrior, whose tender wounds are hidden behind a defense of bravado. At this time, however, they may feel exposed for all the world to see yet if we're honest we recognize the wound in each of us and this recognition is what connects us to our humanity.

The other side of Chiron is the Maverick, the one who blazes their own trail departing from the known, the...

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Virgo Full Moon | Emotional Recalibration

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2022

Emotional Recalibration

Friday, March 18, 2022
12:17 am PT / 3:17 am ET
27 Virgo/Pisces

Tonight's Virgo Full Moon aligns with the archetype of purity and perfection, as well as the distortions and anxieties inherent in the striving for perfection, intensified by a trine to Pluto.

Friday, benevolent Jupiter finally emerges from under the Sun's beams and we may feel a sense of hopefulness arising.

The Virgo Moon opposes Neptune which may make us highly sensitive. Emotional distortions and anxieties such as having too many tasks to complete with not enough bandwidth to cope. Or misunderstanding others' intentions which may not even be based upon truth or reality. Fortunately, this won't last long if we can allow the temporary paranoia to subside.

The Moon in Virgo tends to find grounding and soothing when focusing on one task at a time, which tames the chaos into practical, clean order.

Realizing the world won't fall apart just...

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Pisces New Moon | Silver Linings

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2022

Silver Linings

Wednesday, March 2, 2022
9:34 am PST / 12:34 pm EST
12 degrees Pisces

I once asked a bird,
'How do you fly in this gravity of darkness?'
And she replied 'Love lifts me up.'

As I mentioned in a previous post about Venus as the Morning Star, the ancients saw the goddess of love transition into the warrior goddess in this phase of her journey, which tragically we're seeing play out now in an actual war in Ukraine as its citizens valiantly fight to defend their sovereignty.

Witnessing such devastation is emotionally and psychically shattering and I send my most heartfelt prayers to the heavens for all who are impacted by these horrific events. May peace and healing ultimately prevail, as swiftly as possible.

And while it's difficult to predict, we search for signs that our prayers for peace will be answered. Today's New Moon in compassionate Pisces is conjoined to expansive Jupiter and sextile...

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