Pluto in Capricorn Crisis

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2023

As Pluto prepares to enter Aquarius on March 23, 2023, it first must wrap up a 15-year transit in Capricorn. The final degrees are an area of intensification and specifically, the 29th degree of any sign is the anaretic degree, signaling crisis, loss, finality and the urgency for change. It's the alchemical transformation in the transition before the planet is reborn in the next sign and opens up a new dimension of reality. Pluto reveals the depth of the unconscious, forces of power, powerlessness and transformation on a collective level.

The beauty of astrology is that planets often give us the benefit of a preview of what the nature of their new journey is to come before it's fully realized. This is where retrogrades can be helpful to review, reflect and reassess. Astrology, afterall, is an exercise in observation, not only of the past and imagining the future, but of paying deep attention to the now.

Pluto is in the final degrees of Capricorn...

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Leo Full Moon square Uranus

Uncategorized Feb 02, 2023

This Leo Full Moon has the fiery expression of the Leo archetype and promises to evoke bold, audacious emotions that have the great potential of creative breakthroughs. It can be an exhilarating time if we allow the uncertainty to signal that more of our confidence and creative power is being called upon now.

The Full Moon squares Uranus in Taurus which activates an earthquake of tectonic shifts in our collective reality and emotional realm. This Fixed sign T-square can bring about stubborn forces that have no choice but to change, creating instability in areas we previously clung to for security, certainty and nourishment. Limited, narrow-minded viewpoints must break open for fresh perspectives to emerge.

Mars in Gemini sextiles the Full Moon and stimulates our impulses to take action and to find novel solutions to problems. Mars is nimble in Gemini, which can be helpful to pick up the pieces if Uranus shatters are expectations or habitual patterns. We may find...

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Gemini Full Moon + Mars Rx

Uncategorized Dec 08, 2022

Gemini Full Moon
Wednesday, Dec 7
8:08 pm PDT / 11:08 pm EDT
16 Gemini

A Full Moon is upon us, casting it's strange weird spell on our bodies and minds. The Gemini Full Moon brings out our curiosity and the impulse to learn, know and inform. It's conjoined to Mars retrograde who stirs up internalized irritability, impatience and impulsiveness.

This Full Moon illuminates what our Mars in Gemini journey is about, however, this is only part 2 in a 3 part story. Mars was direct at 16 Gemini on September 20, is now retrograding over that degree and will go direct over this same degree on Feb 20, 2023.

Mars in Gemini (ruled by Mercury) activates the mind and communication in ways that can trigger verbal reactions, defensiveness, shiny object syndrome and multitasking busy-ness. During Mars retrograde it can overshoot or undershoot the mark, be indirect or internalize anger. 

 During Mars retrograde he who throws the first punch may...

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Uranian Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2022

Taurus Total Lunar Eclipse
(Full Moon)

Tuesday, Nov 8, 2022

3:02 am PDT / 6:02 am EDT
16 degrees Taurus/Scorpio

The Full Moon will be shrouded in a garnet shadow at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus in the early hours of Tuesday morning. What was seeded in secrecy at the Scorpio Solar Eclipse with Venus on Oct 25 is unleashed at the lunar eclipse. The quality of this expression has a distinctly Uranian tone as the Moon is tightly conjoined to the Great Awakener.

Uranus shatters norms, flips the script and brings unexpected plot twists. In Taurus, these shifts emerge in our values as well as what we cling to for safety and survival. Uranus is the catalyst to evolve yet when it meets with Taurus resistance, chaos can ensue - even if this is the breakthrough we've longed for.

That the New Moon / Solar Eclipse was conjunct Venus in Scorpio signals changes in our bonds, with our loved ones or what we hold dear. It tests our loyalties. Whether the moment arrives...

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Reading the Runes: Scorpio Solar Eclipse

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2022

Scorpio Solar Eclipse
(New Moon)

Tuesday, Oct 25, 2022

3:48 am PST / 6:48 am EST
2 degrees Scorpio

As we enter the vortex of the 
Scorpio Solar Eclipse, we're delving into the depths of collective psychosis. Scorpio is the ultimate sign of death, alchemy and metamorphosis, the cycle of life that is both mundane and profound. A solar eclipse is a new moon charged with karmic impact so that a re-alignment into a more destined future can be born, which is why they are such fascinating phenomena.

The wisdom of Scorpio lies in reading the runes to decipher the mysteries in the unseen realms, so it's no wonder this is the season for oracles, sorcerers and ancient ones. Whether consciously or not, we are living the legacy of our ancestors. We are entering the season of Samhain, which makes now the perfect time to explore our family lineage.

The South Node / Ketu in Scorpio suggests the need to purge and purify. Anger, envy and resentment that has been...

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Aries Full Moon + Chiron | Healing in the Fire

Uncategorized Oct 07, 2022

Aries Full Moon
October 9, 2022
1:54 PM PDT / 4:54 PM EDT
16 degrees Aries/Libra

Pluto is stationary in Capricorn, preparing to turn direct after 5 months deep in retrograde motion. As Pluto emerges from the unconscious, an intensification of feelings of powerlessness and empowerment reverberate through the collective. Pluto symbolizes the hidden realm of secrets, suppressed material as well as the ancestral threads that connect us to our familial soul DNA. It's yet again square to vengeful Eris, highlighting the reactionary struggle against patriarchal suppression.

The Full Moon in warrior Aries amplifies the instinct of courage, adventure and impatient impulses. Chiron the Wounded Healer is conjoined to the Full Moon, highlighting vulnerabilities, shame and wounds - both emotional and physical. It can be an especially heated time as emotions erupt, however, Saturn is aspecting both Sun and Moon and offering a steadying hand to temper the flares.


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Libra Equinox + New Moon | Rebalancing

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2022

The Sun moved into Libra on Sept 22, transitioning to the Libra Equinox - Fall in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. Libra is represented by the scales, a time to rebalance from extremes - in nature and in our own lives. As Aries signifies the self, Libra is the mirror in which we gain a sense of self through our engagements with others.

The Sun-Mercury Cazimi occured mere hours after the ingress, signaling not only the midpoint of the Mercury rx cycle, but also indicating that the coming season is emphasized by introspection, retrospection and mental problem solving. Re-thinking our relationships and how we re-balance them through communication, diplomacy and persuasion will be a central theme in the months ahead.

The Libra New Moon offers a fresh start in relating, as it illuminates the Equinox point, ushering in a new cycle for relationships. The Sabian Symbol of "The Dawn of a New Day Reveals Everything Changed"...

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Pisces Full Moon + Mercury Rx

Uncategorized Sep 07, 2022

Another Mercury retrograde is nearly upon us, as the communication planet is slowing to station retrograde in Libra this Friday, September 9 at 8 degrees Libra, it will eventually turn direct October 2 at 24 Virgo. As the Pisces Full Moon comes exact only several hours later, this can make for a time of disorientation.

Full Moons bring events to fruition and amplify the emotional realm, particularly in a water sign such as Pisces. The Full Moon is nearly conjunct escapist Neptune which douses reality in imagination and idealization. Dreams can come true, beyond our wildest imaginings. Or endings can wash away our aspirations and leave us disappointed. The spectrum of bliss and sorrow, abundance and loss are within Pisces sacred domain.

How can we gain clarity and make sensible decisions during this time of confusion, indecision and overwhelm? This is a time to be especially patient and flexible as situations can shift as...

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September 2022 Starcast

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2022

Sept 5 Venus enters Virgo
Sept 9 Mercury Rx 8 Libra
Sept 10 Pisces Full Moon at 17 degrees
Sept 22 Sun enters Libra / Equinox
Sept 22 Sun Conjunct Mercury Rx
Sept 23 Mercury Rx re-enters Virgo
Sept 25 Libra New Moon at 2 degrees
Sept 29 Venus enters Libra
Oct 2 Mercury stations direct at 24 Virgo

We begin 
September in Virgo season, a time to attend to more practical matters after the excesses of Leo season. Virgo seeks to refine, improve, organize and serve. Pleasure goddess Venus transitions from dramatic Leo to humble Virgo Sept 2 where partnerships, money and pleasure are enjoyed responsibly and practically. Venus conjoins the royal star Regulus this day, a time for Venus themes to be elevated and honored.

As we enter September, the social planets - Jupiter and Saturn - as well as the transpersonal planets - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - are all retrograde and there may be a sense that we're at the mercy of greater...

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Virgo New Moon | Excellence in Precision

Uncategorized Aug 26, 2022

Aug 27 @ 1:16 am PDT / 4:16 am EDT
4 degrees Virgo

The New Moon in Virgo signals the start of a cycle of humility, purification and intricate focus. Virgo aligns with the archetype of the humble servant whose path is to transcend the ego through divine purpose and productivity.

An irritating square from Mars in Gemini provokes a sense of urgency, although in the darkness of the New Moon we may be shooting in the dark out of impatience. Perfectionist Virgo can become frustrated when the details aren’t just right.

This Virgo New Moon cycle also highlights healing, which often is slow paced yet the square from Mars may need to be tamed in order not to rush the process - I have to remember this myself as I heal from a fractured ankle.

Mercury rules the New Moon and has just entered diplomatic Libra which can be helpful with agreeable communication, taking a bit of the edge off of critical Virgo.

Venus in Leo is passing through the Saturn-Uranus square causing shifting...

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