Destiny illuminated by the Stars, guided by the Soul

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"I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being."

- Hafiz


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The age of the guru is ending. 

As the Aquarian era dawns, we realize that our greatest wisdom lies within ourselves. And while teachers can be invaluable to our growth, we each have the power to impact our destiny.

As an evolutionary astrologer, I guide clients toward their own inner wisdom using the insights of the cosmos. Life is more than just a series of events happening to us, awaiting our reaction. The universe invites us to explore, grow and evolve. 

Astrology is a wonderful tool for an expanded awareness of who we are and what is possible. How can we help but be in awe of this sacred art that reflects our destiny in the planets and stars?

My commitment is to pass on the wisdom of the cosmos and the intentions of the Soul so that others may live their lives with greater self-acceptance and amplify the light that lies within them, one Soul at a time.

- Christina Caudill, Astrologer and Transformation Guide

Client Testimonials

"I absolutely loved my soul astrology reading for its depth of perception, extraordinary insight and how it so accurately described exactly what I am currently experiencing, as well as my overall personality, soul character and past. The guidance Christina offered was perfect. Honor yourself and give yourself this gift for your soul development. "

Helen Cameron
August 2019

"Christina is present, integrated and clearly a master of her craft. She feels like a teammate cheering you on, highlighting the wisdom of astrology and giving clients clarity on their own internal wisdom."

November 2020

"It was slightly unnerving to have someone see my personality and soul so effortlessly - but Christina didn't ever act judgemental. I would recommend Christina because I have followed her for years and gravitate to her style that is both caring and fierce, that is deeply knowledgeable yet curious. "

Kirsten Harris
November 2020

"I really appreciated the space Christina created that felt safe for opening up with some of my most sensitive inquiries. The session felt grounded in sincerity and authenticity, and Christina brings genuine warmth and compassion to her sessions. She gives client inquiries the respect and reverence they deserve."

Lawrence Sanchez
June 2020

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