Mapping Destiny: Applied Lunar Nodes Course

6 Saturdays from June 1 to July 6. Certificate of completion available.


Explore Your Evolutionary Adventure with a Deep Dive into the Lunar Nodes

When you were a child, who did you dream of becoming?

No one is born a blank slate. Each soul has a destiny and at birth, we're already encoded with a unique evolutionary journey to experience.

As children, we often have a vision of our north star and reach toward that higher destiny, compelled by an inner knowing. Our innocence makes us fearless at first, even if we're not quite ready to embody the fullness of our evolution.

In this astrology class, we'll explore the soul's evolutionary adventure through the symbols of the Lunar Nodes and how they can bring a deeper meaning to our past and illuminate the potential for a more soul-filled present, and future.

Each week, you'll receive a recorded lesson on the astrology of the Lunar Nodes and then we'll gather for a live Q&A on Saturdays to discuss the material. You'll also have access to a private online community where you can share your findings with a community of like-minded seekers and astrology enthusiasts. 

A Certificate of Completion is available for those who are willing to complete the course material and engage in discussion following our guidelines.

This 6-Week Online Course Includes

Weekly Video Lessons

Each week, you'll receive a video lesson with the weekly material to gain greater insight on the soul's evolutionary adventure through the Lunar Nodes.

Saturday Zoom Q&A

We'll gather on Zoom on 6 Saturdays from June 1 - July 6 at Noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern for 90 minutes.

Private Community

The discussions will continue in our private online community where you'll have a weekly question to answer as well as engage with your fellow students.

Course Curriculum

Each week, you'll receive a recorded lesson. We'll meet for 6 Saturdays for live Q&A from June 1 - July 6 at Noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern for 90 minutes.

Overview of the evolutionary adventure

  • In this first lesson, you'll gain an overview of the Axis of Destiny formed by the Lunar Nodes.
  • Learn about the¬†concepts of¬†soul-making and individuation.
  • Discover¬†how the Lunar Nodes can symbolize transformation and alignment.
  • Explore the different House systems and how to use them for greater illumination in astrological delineation.¬†

Your origin story

  • Delve¬†into the significance of the South Node by house and sign which reveals material from the past, it's burdens and gifts.
  • Learn about the concepts of karma and dharma.
  • Explore¬†the ruler of the South Node and how this planet can help to further the soul's evolutionary desires.
  • Discover¬†the seeds of your personal origin story.

Callings of the Soul

  • Explore your North Node signature by house and sign to reveal areas of evolutionary growth.
  • Discover the concepts of fate and destiny.
  • Learn the significance of the ruler of your North Node and how they can be a daimon to your callings.
  • Begin to develop a personal mythology and inner vision for your evolutionary adventure.
  • ¬†

The landscape of the evolutionary adventure

  • Explore¬†conjunctions to the natal Nodal axis and how they may manifest in the life journey.
  • Learn¬†how squares to the Nodal axis can be significant challenges as well as opportunities.
  • Discover how aspects from the rulers of the nodes can point to areas of activation of your destiny.
  • ¬†

Re-alignment of destiny

  • Explore¬†the transiting Nodes and how they activate the natal chart and offer opportunities for re-alignment of destiny.
  • We'll touch on eclipses and how they can offer portals of cosmic transformative energy.
  • ¬†

Synthesizing your evolutionary adventure

  • In this final lesson, you'll create a personal mythology of your evolutionary adventure, synthesizing what you learned about your South Node origin story, North Node calling and the planetary helpers and challengers along the path.
  • ¬†

Recommended Reading

For those who want to take their studies further, I suggest the following resources which are excellent companions to the course material, but will not be required for course completion.

  • Healing the Soul: Pluto, Uranus and the Lunar Nodes by Mark Jones.
  • Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life by Gregg Levoy.
  • The Soul's Code: In Search of Character and Calling by James Hillman.
  • Yesterday's Sky: Astrology and Reincarnation by Steven Forrest.

Upon enrolling, you'll receive two bonus gifts

Bonus 1 | The Midlife Odyssey webinar
($37 value)

In this 1-hour webinar, you'll get an overview of the terrain of Midlife with a journey through the significant astrological transits that can transform the Midlife crisis into a Midlife awakening. You'll learn about the origins of the Midlife crisis as well as the 3-phase evolutionary process.

Bonus 2 | An Invitation to Destiny
Transits of the Lunar Nodes to the Angles
($37 value)

This video presentation explores pivotal turning points of destiny when the Lunar Nodes transit the Angles of the Natal Chart. We'll explore the charts of public figures Oprah Winfrey, Prince and Malala Yousefsai. Presented at NORWAC 2020.

Meet Your Instructor

Christina Caudill (she/her) has been an evolutionary astrologer, teacher, group program facilitator, and transformation coach since 2013. She is certified in evolutionary astrology through the Pluto School and is currently undergoing the Advanced Training Certificate in Applied Archetypal Astrology at Pacifica. She is trained in Co-Active Coaching through CTI; ancestral medicine under Sobonfu Some and Dr. Daniel Foor; and received her shamanic rites through the Four Winds Society. She currently lives and works in the Tutelo / Monacan People's homeland in Southwestern Virginia with her husband and yorkshire terrier.

Praise from Students and Clients

It was slightly unnerving to have someone see my personality and soul so effortlessly - but Christina didn't ever act judgemental. I would recommend Christina because I have followed her for years and gravitate to her style that is both caring and fierce, that is deeply knowledgeable yet curious.
— Kirsten Harris

I absolutely loved my soul astrology reading for its depth of perception, extraordinary insight and how it so accurately described exactly what I am currently experiencing, as well as my overall personality, soul character and past. The guidance Christina offered was perfect.
— Helen Cameron

I felt at ease immediately with Christina and could sense the depth of her listening. She said something so empowering to me that I began to change the attitude I had towards myself! She affirmed what has been a lifetime of working on myself to understand.
— Teresa Ramsey

I really appreciated the space Christina created that felt safe for opening up with some of my most sensitive inquiries. The session felt grounded in sincerity and authenticity, and Christina brings genuine warmth and compassion to her sessions. She gives client inquiries the respect and reverence they deserve. 
— Lawrence Sanchez

Christina is so wise and informs you of all the different ways the energies can manifest in your life.  Then you can feel into what is true for you and explore that with her.  It's a cooperative session, instead of someone just telling you "your future". I have found sessions with Christina very helpful in clarifying the energies at play. I have been more graceful in my interactions knowing that the feelings coming up are helping me see what needs to shift.
- Heidi Timer

Intro to the Lunar Nodes Webinar

Get a sneak peek into the course in this free Introductory Lunar Nodes webinar.

Frequently Asked Questions

A good grasp of the basic concepts of astrology is necessary, such as the planets, signs and houses. While this is an all-levels program, you will want to be familiar with these concepts. Please contact us if you have questions about your level.

Each week, you'll receive a recorded lesson to watch on your own time.

The live Q&A sessions will be for discussion will be held on Saturdays from June 1 - July 6 on Zoom from Noon - 1:30 pm PST / 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm EST. All sessions will be recorded.

Yes. If you cannot join us for the live Q&A sessions, you'll still have access to the recordings, the chat text as well as the private community.

For those who would like to obtain a Certificate of Completion for this course, the requirements are to watch all the video lessons, attend at least 4 of the live Q&A sessions, answer the weekly discussion question and comment on at least 2 other student answers each week. All requirements must be fulfilled no later than July 15.

This course is a learning space, and while many students may find the process healing it is not intended as a therapeutic space. Students must take full responsibility for their own well-being. The program is not offering mental health services.

We no not offer refunds once the course has begun. Extenuating circumstances may be considered on an individual basis. We kindly ask that you take the time to consider whether this course is appropriate for you at this time.

If your question wasn't answered here, please email hello @ and we'll be happy to answer it for you.

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Live zoom Q&A sessions held 6 Saturdays from June 1 - July 6 from Noon - 1:30 PM Pacific / 3 PM - 4:30 PM Eastern. All sessions are recorded.

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  • 6 video Modules.
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions and recordings.
  • Private community forum.
  • BONUS webinar: The Midlife Odyssey
  • BONUS webinar: An Invitation to Destiny: Transits of the Lunar Nodes to the Angles
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Each Payment

  • Access to the 6-week live course June 1 - July 6.
  • 6 video Modules.
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions and recordings.
  • Private community forum.
  • BONUS webinar: The Midlife Odyssey
  • BONUS webinar: An Invitation to Destiny: Transits of the Lunar Nodes to the Angles
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