Libra Lunar Eclipse // Resolving Karmic Contracts

Libra Lunar Eclipse
Monday, March 25
12:00 AM PDT / 3:00 AM EDT
5 degrees Libra / Aries

As the Moon waxes toward an opposition with the exalted Aries Sun, they're aligning for 
Monday's lunar eclipse in Libra. A lunar eclipse is a full moon within 12 degrees of the nodal axis, which signifies shifts of fate and re-alignment of destiny. 

The South Node and Moon in Libra suggest relationships, agreements and negotiations needing resolution. Assumptions we've been operating on in relationships may be revealed. Issues of fairness and equality are important, and with the Sun in Aries, there's a focus on purpose and self-interest. Something is coming to a culmination which may have a bittersweet tone to it, especially if its time is ending or transitioning into a new phase. The South Node offers a release of burdens or it can invite helpful influences from the past but with a sense that they have served their purpose. 

Venus is the ruler of this lunar...

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