Scorpio Full Moon square Pluto: Buddha Moon

full moon scorpio Apr 19, 2024

Today, Mars in Pisces sextiles the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus, activating its breakthrough energy as they exactly align tomorrow. I don't know about you, but I haven't been sleeping well the past few nights and just generally feel buzzed and restless.

This is a time to be aware of the revolutionary shifts in our lives and in the collective. The Jupiter-Uranus is exact on my South Node, meaning Mars is trining my North Node in Scorpio! That's probably the catalyst that inspired me to launch my Lunar Nodes course which starts May 25.

And speaking of Scorpio, we're coming up on the Scorpio Full Moon square powerful Pluto in Aquarius on Tuesday, April 23. It was a Scorpio Full Moon that the Buddha attained enlightenment, meditating under the Bodhi tree which is perfectly symbolic of his metamorphosis from indulged prince living a life of luxury, sequestered from the sorrows of the world into an entirely new identity of one who renounced the trappings of materialism to align with purity, wisdom and compassion for all.

Martin Schulman likens the Nodal path from Taurus to Scorpio as one that fills life with decadence out of a spiritual emptiness, yet as one reaches for the Scorpio North Node they must eliminate all excess and allow burned bridges to light the way of a path of spiritual renewal. With the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio, we may collectively experience something similar. 

The Full Moon's T-square to Pluto in Aquarius suggests and intensified alchemy of purging, elimination and humbling - perhaps brought on by a need to re-orientation to a purpose greater than the self. Seeing peaceful protesters on the news being brutalized by the police and the powers that be seem symbolic of this power clash. Perhaps Pluto in Aquarius people power needs to stand strong and remain resilient in the face of brute strength.

I can't help but also think of the relentless mocking that Jennifer Lopez is experiencing as Pluto in Aquarius opposes her Leo Sun-Mercury. Much of it has to do with allegations of her acting too good for service people, as well as exploiting the community of the Bronx for her personal gain. It begs the question, if your purpose is to bring starpower to the world, what happens when the zeitgeist turns against you? Perhaps integrating some Aquarian humility can bring even the brightest Leo star to wholeness.

Mars in Pisces rules the Full Moon and is between Saturn and Neptune, although making a closer application to conjoin Neptune, which takes place April 28-29. We may be somewhat confused over overwhelmed in our aims, drives and actions. This suggests transgressing boundaries, perhaps we're so overwhelmed by emotions or even compassion that we're encouraged to dissolve normal boundried relationships.

The Fixed Signs - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius - are amplified now and with Pluto bringing the spotlight to Aquarius, there is something for everyone to learn about the power of the collective and Aquarian ideals, where each person matters in their own unique individual way. Fixed signs don't budge easily and often need intense alchemy to transform, but once the base metal is fully melted down it can turn into a noble version of gold.

This is your last chance to order a Jupiter-Uranus Reading package to illuminate the possibilities this transit offers your unique destiny so that you can bring to consciousness what the sky gods are offering for your potential of abundance, creative expression and soul expansion.

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