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Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction: Expansive Breakthrough

Uncategorized Apr 19, 2024

Now that we've passed through the Total Solar Eclipse portal, we're in the waxing phase of this New Moon cycle and the impulse and urgency for new beginnings is heating up. Tune into what's brewing in your soul and the creative fire asking to be kindled.

The sky gods, Jupiter and Uranus, are both being activated by the Taurus Moon today as they move closer to their union at 21 Taurus on April 20. Jupiter represents expansion, abundance, hope and ideals and Uranus brings innovation, surprise, freedom and breakthrough. Jupiter expands Uranus and Uranus electrifies Jupiter.

Jupiter last opposed Uranus in September 2017 when Jupiter was at 27 Libra and Uranus at 27 Aries. The last time they conjoined was June 8, 2010 at 0 Aries.

Now, they come together to seed an entirely new cycle of possibility in Venus' Earth sign of Taurus, whose focus is on the values which are the foundation upon which we build our lives and sense of security. It's the lush, abundant garden that we're cultivating with inspired creativity and brilliant insight. Perhaps the Earth itself will be the benefactor of new innovations.

Additionally, today Mars conjoins Saturn in Pisces, and our passionate drives and eagerness to achieve may run into authoritative rules, deadlines or restrictions. Patience, discipline and refinement are being called for in your efforts as Saturn's intention is to create strength that is resilient and sustainable. In Pisces, we're invited to commit to a higher purpose and infuse the sacred, mystical and mythical into it. Which divine beings are leading you on a vision quest that inspires the soul?

On April 19, Mars will sextile Jupiter-Uranus and ignite their earth-shattering potential. In the collective, we may see breakthrough innovations, however, much of the largess of this activation may not be fully experienced until the passing of time - for instance, Rick Levine noted several breakthroughs that occurred during Uranus-Jupiter conjunctions that went on to changed the world, such as when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak collaborated on their first computer. Even so, the sense of creative expansion will be palpable.

A lot of energy is building in the next two weeks as we move toward the April 23 Scorpio Full Moon square Pluto in Aquarius, change is in the air and with consciousness we can shape a future catalyzed by our creative purpose and brilliant ideas that can transform our world.

For a limited time until April 20, I'm offering Jupiter-Uranus Reading packages to illuminate the possibilities this transit offers your unique destiny so that you can bring to consciousness what the sky gods are offering for your potential of abundance, creativity and soul evolution.


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