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Libra Solar Eclipse opp Chiron | Escalate or De-escalate?

new moon solar eclipse Oct 11, 2023

Libra Solar Eclipse
21 degrees Libra
Saturday, Oct 14
10:55 a.m. PDT / 1:55 p.m. EDT

The LIbra Solar Eclipse disrupts the normal order of life in order to clear the way for a fresh pathway to emerge. It's occurring in the aftermath of the explosive Mars-Pluto square, which has inflamed powerful forces of dominance. Now more than ever, we need Libran diplomacy and cool heads to prevail, however, we could vacillate between indecisiveness as we attempt to be fair judges of the truth.

The eclipse is conjoined the South Lunar Node, opening a portal to the past - past allies, partners or relationship patterns can either lend a helping hand or remind us of shadows that need resolving. The days leading up to the Oct 14 solar eclipse may be especially laden with the need for solitude and closure in order for space to be primed for renewal. We may feel in the dark and unable to make important decisions, however, in time, profound insight will be revealed.

Mercury in Libra conjoined the solar...

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Aries Solar Eclipse Square Pluto

The New Moon at 29 Aries on April 20 is a Solar Eclipse, as it occurs only 5 degrees from the North Lunar Node. The intensified pressure of this eclipse is symbolized by a square to Pluto at 0 Aquarius, suggesting an urgency for profound transformation. Mercury in Taurus is stationary preparing to turn retrograde, indicating that this eclipse season has revelations in store.

New Moons tend to be a time of internalized alchemy, the shift from an ending to a beginning of a monthly cycle that culminates at the Full Moon. However, this New Moon being in assertive Aries and a Solar Eclipse conjunct the North Node amplifies the sense of karmic fresh starts.

The anaretic degree - 29 - of any sign signifies a sense of crisis as it lies at the threshold of the ending of one zodiac sign and the start of another. In particular, 29 of Aries is especially heated, being the fire sign associated with aggression and instinct.

Add to that Jupiter conjoined to Eris in Aries and the simmering energy...

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