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Aries Solar Eclipse Square Pluto

The New Moon at 29 Aries on April 20 is a Solar Eclipse, as it occurs only 5 degrees from the North Lunar Node. The intensified pressure of this eclipse is symbolized by a square to Pluto at 0 Aquarius, suggesting an urgency for profound transformation. Mercury in Taurus is stationary preparing to turn retrograde, indicating that this eclipse season has revelations in store.

New Moons tend to be a time of internalized alchemy, the shift from an ending to a beginning of a monthly cycle that culminates at the Full Moon. However, this New Moon being in assertive Aries and a Solar Eclipse conjunct the North Node amplifies the sense of karmic fresh starts.

The anaretic degree - 29 - of any sign signifies a sense of crisis as it lies at the threshold of the ending of one zodiac sign and the start of another. In particular, 29 of Aries is especially heated, being the fire sign associated with aggression and instinct.

Add to that Jupiter conjoined to Eris in Aries and the simmering energy - whether its enthusiastic hope or chaotic conflict - is likely to trigger impatient reactions and over the top gestures.

Mars, which rules the Aries Solar Eclipse, is in watery Cancer suggesting the emotions can be especially touchy and 'crabby' when provoked. Mars here is the 'mama bear' who will defend their loved ones or fight to protect what is precious. If we're feeling particularly moody, we may prefer to lick our wounds privately to defend against our sense of vulnerability.

The most significant aspect of this solar eclipse is it's square with Pluto in Aquarius. Even though it is out of sign, it is still a tight square which suggests that if this eclipse is activating your chart (Natal planets or angles from 26-29 degrees of the Cardinal signs or 0-3 degrees of the Fixed signs) you are likely in a time of some long-overdue and profound transformation.

Typically Sun-Pluto squares are a metamorphosis of consciousness (Sun) which often shows up in one's character or the basis upon which one lives their life. Since the Sun has to do with our central focus, it often is associated with the role we play - whether it's in the family, in our career or in society. Pluto is the relentless force that insists on total focus, stripping away what is unessential and re-shaping you at the core.

Mercury is currently stationary in slow-moving Taurus, about to turn retrograde. Mercury in Taurus is in mutual reception with Venus in Gemini - each in each other's sign of rulership - and for at least the first half of the Mercury retrograde, there is an emphasis on Venus-Mercury themes. We may experience delays in decisions, re-visit friendships, allies and lovers from the past which may reveal new insights that can have us re-think our values. Mercury in Taurus has a particular focus on money, possessions, luxury and the tactile pleasures.

As we move toward the May 5 Scorpio Lunar Eclipse, more of what's currently simmering will come to light. A catharsis of what is long-overdue for transformation will be unleashed - at this, the final of the series of eclipses with the Lunar Nodes in the Taurus-Scorpio Axis of Transformation.

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