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Reading the Runes: Scorpio Solar Eclipse

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2022

Scorpio Solar Eclipse
(New Moon)

Tuesday, Oct 25, 2022

3:48 am PST / 6:48 am EST
2 degrees Scorpio

As we enter the vortex of the 
Scorpio Solar Eclipse, we're delving into the depths of collective psychosis. Scorpio is the ultimate sign of death, alchemy and metamorphosis, the cycle of life that is both mundane and profound. A solar eclipse is a new moon charged with karmic impact so that a re-alignment into a more destined future can be born, which is why they are such fascinating phenomena.

The wisdom of Scorpio lies in reading the runes to decipher the mysteries in the unseen realms, so it's no wonder this is the season for oracles, sorcerers and ancient ones. Whether consciously or not, we are living the legacy of our ancestors. We are entering the season of Samhain, which makes now the perfect time to explore our family lineage.

The South Node / Ketu in Scorpio suggests the need to purge and purify. Anger, envy and resentment that has been consciously denied transforms into corrosive rage that must be surrendered to higher forces rather than drunk from its poisoned chalice. It can be all to tempting to return to the devil we know rather than shed our scales and reveal the raw, tender skin of renewal. However, the promise of freedom from addictions and obsessions can be a welcomed relief.

Venus in Scorpio is tightly conjunct the New Moon / Solar Eclipse which amplifies relationships, love and money. Venus in Scorpio is the 'ride or die' accomplice who meets you at those rock bottom moments of near-destruction to remind you of how exquisite you truly are. Deep soul bonds are formed in having empathy for another's trauma and admiration for their survival. We can feel more fully love's power to create, destroy and revive.

The Scorpio/Taurus eclipse series began in November 2021, emerged again in April/May 2022. What repeating themes have emerged for you at these periods that become the catalyst for alchemical self-realization?

As Taurus clings to survival, Scorpio wants to risk it all to truly feel alive. The darkness of the Scorpio Solar Eclipse can be disorienting and anxiety-producing, but have faith. As we move toward the Nov 8 Taurus Lunar Eclipse, the light returns and the inner alchemy will be ripe for release.

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Eclipse blessings,
Christina Caudill


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