The Ancestral Astrology Course

A 4-week program to explore your family lineage through astrology, October 29 to November 19, 2022


An invitation to embrace your ancestry

This is the time of year when the veil between worlds appears to be the thinnest, and our connection to the past becomes more poignant.

We're entering the Season of the Ancestors.

The Great Consciousness Shifts in recent years has seen a beautiful emergence of ancestral acknowledgment and reverence in the collective. The ancestors are present and are speaking to us and through us now.

Whether intentional or not, we are living their legacy.

When we're haunted by unknown shadows and toxic patterns that seem ancient, there's often an ancestral connection. A story at the root of our origins that needs telling.

The program begins with an opening ceremony with the acknowledgement of the ancestors on the weekend of Halloween, Samhain and the Day of the Dead.

Join us during this transformative time as we explore the past so that you can be empowered to heal your past and impact your destiny, with the wisdom of astrology as your guide.

Let's nourish your roots, and illuminate your family stories so that you can create a legacy worth leaving.

What is Ancestral Astrology? 

The Natal Chart contains a wealth of information about who we are, our potentials and challenges, but it also contains clues as to family patterns that are often embedded in our soul journey.

Ancestral Astrology provides perspective on how our natal chart is connected to the greater whole of our ancestral astrological tree, providing deep insights into our role in a larger family dynamic. These insights can reshape our awareness of what is possible in our daily lives, empowering us to evolve and grow the family tree in an entirely different way.

As we compare our own astrological signatures with those of our relatives, patterns emerge that synchronize with the stories, memories and energetic imprints we carry.

When integrated with ancestral healing modalities, these stories can provide an entryway into a profound self-awareness. 

This 4-Week Online Course Includes

October 29 - November 19, 2022

4 Teaching Modules

Each week, we'll release a new lesson focused on illuminating a new layer of your familial astrological signatures. Each lesson comes complete with homework to deepen your explorations to illuminate your ancestral stories.

Weekly Live Zoom Q&As

Live Q&A zoom sessions held Saturdays from Oct 29 to Nov 19 at Noon Pacific / 3 pm Eastern for approximately 1 hour. Recordings available in the video showcase.

Online Community

The discussions will continue in our private Facebook group where you’ll connect with the community, and share your ancestral explorations.

My experience with Fern, as both a client and a student of Astrology,
has been life-changing.

She helps me see the forces at play and how to best channel their energy
for the best outcomes in my life.

- Kimberly Welsch

Course Curriculum

Here's what we'll be covering in the 4-session program, Oct 29 - Nov 19. Videos released weekly.

Session 1 | Opening Ceremony + BEGIN

Introduction to basic concepts of Ancestral Astrology and begin identifying astrological family themes.

  • We'll begin with an opening ritual to call in our wisest and most loving ancestors for this journey.
  • Discuss family dynamics, resistance and unconscious/emotional impact of the work.
  • We'll identify a family theme to delve into and explore.
  • Create a Family Planet Map to visually identify astrological patterns.

Session 2 | CONNECT

In this class, we'll explore connections in the family charts. Starting with the planet of connection: the Moon, and then we'll extend to how other planets can be used to trace lineage connections in the family charts.

  • Discover how the Moon reveals family emotional connections according to sign/house/aspects. We’ll initiate the Moon journey with a guided Meditation *Exploring the Mysteries of Your Natal Moon”
  •  Explore connections in the family charts, including: Planets, Signs, Aspects, Houses
  • Learn to identify when a planet is strong in a family line.

Session 3 | HONOR

We’ll learn to honor family patterns by identifying them and exploring creative and astrological tools. We’ll focus on aspect patterns that emerge in family charts.

  • Learn how to trace a family pattern when looking at multiple charts.
  • Explore the patterns through art, writing and inquiry.
  • Identify aspects that show up and repeat in family charts. We’ll find out what aspects reveal about the nature of relationships in the family dynamic.

Session 4 | DEEPEN

We will navigate the Spirals of Time. learning how to track transits in family charts, generational evolutions, explore “black sheep” and write our Astrological Family Origin Story.

  • We'll look at the significance of repeating experiences via astrological transits.
  • Family Tree Meditation. Drop into your intuitive mind to explore your astrological family tree.
  • Explore the role of Uranus in family history in terms of black sheep and family line shifts.
  • You'll re-write your Astrological Family Origin Story and consecrate your story with a ritual blessing.

Meet Your Instructor

Fern Vuchinich (she/her), Wisestars Astrology

Fern Vuchinich has 30 years of experience as an astrologer, teacher, healer and guide. She's attained a Master's level certification from Steven Forrest's Evolutionary Astrology apprenticeship program. Her path was also shaped by the mentorship of artist, astrologer and all-around wise woman, Asata Gabriel, who taught her over the course of 25 years about astrology, intuition, plant medicine and so much more.

She has been practicing Earth-based pagan traditions since 1990 and holds advanced training and degrees in many modalities of healing including ancestral healing, acupressure, herbalism, energy healing, and massage. 

"My great grandmother Maria Souza was born in Sao Paulo Brazil where they have a celebration very similar to Day of the Dead called Dia de Finados. These ancient ancestral traditions have always been an integral part of my spiritual life, and I spend half of each year in Mexico, often engaging in the annual  Dia de Los Muertos festivals, celebrating and honoring the dead.

As an ancestral practitioner, I’ve greatly benefitted from training with Daniel Foor’s Ancestral Medicine have spent the last several years delving deeper into my own ancestral healing work. I’m coming at this work from the perspective that it serves us all to do ancestral healing work. One of the doorways into healing toxic patterns is by healing your ancestral lineage, and astrology can be a powerful way to access the wounds, and gifts, of your ancestral line. 

I believe in fate and free will. Some experiences in our life are fated, like my congenital hearing loss. But how we respond to our fate is up to us I am fortunate to be able to hear enough to enjoy music, dance and conversations with my hearing friends, but also grateful for living in an age where I have assistance from the Uranian realm of modern technology, so that I can effectively teach and consult with clients.

Which brings me to the free will part of my astrological philosophy: I think that one of our most important human rights is our free will. It allows us to get creative, it's where our power lies, and when combined with the insight of the stars and planets, can help us to create a life that is rich and meaningful." -FV


This program helped me to feel more intuitively close to ancestors, there are many grandmothers I am named after and seeing their chart compared with mine was mind blowing - even without exact birth times.

- Beth Kelton

You'll also receive these Special Bonuses when you enroll


Fern's Moon Medicine Workshop
($97 value)

90-minute video workshop +
PDF Guidebook

Want to feel nourished, safe and secure in the midst of these changing times? Your astrological moon sign can help you better understand what “feeds” you at a deep level, helping you to stay grounded and supported even in the midst of chaos and transitions. The moon sign gives us inside information on what keeps us feel
nurtured and at home in the world. From the food we eat for sustenance to the home environment we live in, the moon rules over our basic needs in life. When we are able to meet these needs, we usually feel a greater sense of security and stability, regardless of what the external circumstances of our life may be.


Fern's Saturn e-book
($18 value)

This 30-page e-book gives practical tools and ideas for navigating the challenges of Saturn through your astrological chart. Includes info on the Saturn Return and Saturn transits to each personal planet in your chart (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars), as well as the asteroids (Juno, Chiron, Vesta, Pallas, Ceres) and through the houses. Helps you navigate the important astrological transits of Saturn with grace and power.

Praise from Clients and Students

I am a psychotherapist and have been so since the 1980's. I've been referring friends and even clients to Fern for about 2 decades now. She is a true gem... talented in reading a chart and quickly grasping the core issues of her clients and best of all, she always gives tips and recipes of how to work with the issues at hand. And, she's been uncannily right about when love/work/money will flow into people's lives.
 Deborah Cooper, Marriage and Family Therapist

Fern is such a brilliant and loving astrologer. She is a wealth of knowledge, not just of the stars, but also the magical intersection of the stars, herbalism, and even tarot. Working with her, you feel seen immediately. She has a way of teaching that’s grounded and anchored in the heart. When I first started seriously getting into astrology, I was looking for a teacher who made the complex tangible and down to earth, while still holding onto the mystical and magical side of the art. Fern does exactly this. Her classes and sessions are dynamic, fun, so informative, and truly brings out the wisdom of her students. She’s a total gem and she brings so much to the field. Experiencing her presence and wisdom is such a gift.
 Jackie Johanson

Fern’s teaching content was super informative and well presented! I appreciated how prepared she was to teach each week and how jam-packed her lecture/slideshows were in terms of information (without it being overwhelming!) it also was a beautiful balance of the logical and the intuitive, which i personally find so important when exploring ancestral lineage. Also really appreciated Fern’s use of volunteers and being able to see her chart reading in action.
— Lowin Pelagia

I loved Fern's ability to share on-the-spot teachings with folks when they came with questions. It gave me an understanding of her energy as an ancestral astrologer and how to approach the topics. She is so powerful in her offerings and genuine in her heart.
— Jordan K.

I enjoyed learning how to unveil the birthcharts of some of my ancestors and how to relate it to the present life. I also loved learning more about the planets and aspects in a new way.
— Louise Browers

I found that the course served as a safe space for me to explore my family and more distant ancestors in ways that I had not in the past. It was a little scary at first but ultimately enriching.
—  Christine Gonzalez

I loved that the program aligned with the time of year where it felt so appropriate to be doing this work. I loved the rituals and the offerings as these were things I hadn’t done before. And I loved the time spent learning about my ancestors.

— Katie Serda

Who this program is intended for:

  • Astrology students and enthusiasts with a good grasp of the basic concepts of Natal astrology (planets, signs, houses, aspects).
  • Those who view astrology as a tool for self-awareness.
  • Those who are willing to explore their ancestral stories with curiosity and reverence.
  • Professional astrologers, enthusiasts and astrology students at all levels.
  • Those who are not professional astrologers but who are willing to learn with an open mind.
  • Healers of all kinds: Psychologists, psychiatrists & therapists, holistic practitioners, herbalists, ancestral healers, spiritual practitioners & teachers, coaches, yoga teachers, mentors and guides.
  • Non-healers who are open to exploring astrology and ancestry from a healing lense.
  • Those willing and able to take full responsibility for their own wellbeing.
  • People who take responsibility for the energy they bring to the community and will practice mutual respect at all times.

This program is NOT intended for:

  • Those who don't have a basic understanding of astrology concepts (planets, signs, aspects, houses).
  • Those who are unwilling or unable to learn new astrological concepts with an open mind.
  • Those who are not open to exploring ancestral patterns, or find them too difficult or traumatic.
  • Those who are unwilling to adhere to our community guidelines of mutual respect at all times.
  • People who are seeking mental health counseling from this program. While we accept all abilities, our instructors are not mental health counselors and are not offering such services.
  • People who are seeking 1-1 mentoring. This is a group-orientated program.
  • People who are not conscious of or take responsibility for the energy they bring into the community.
  • Anyone who is not willing to take responsibility for their own wellbeing, even if they become triggered.

Enroll Now

Program runs Oct 29 - Nov 19.


Single Payment

  • Access to the group program Oct 29 - Nov 19.
  • 4 video Modules.
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions
  • 90-day access to the downloadable video showcase.
  • Private Facebook Community.
  • $115 worth of bonuses: Moon Workshop and Saturn e-book.


2 Monthly Payments

  • Access to the group program Oct 29 - Nov 19.
  • 4 video Modules.
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions
  • 90-day access to the downloadable video showcase.
  • Private Facebook Community.
  • $115 worth of bonuses: Moon Workshop and Saturn e-book.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the refund policy?
Due to the downloadable nature of this program as well as the need for confidentiality in the community, we do not offer refunds for any reason. We kindly ask that you take the time to consider whether this course is appropriate for you at this time.

When are the live zoom meetings?
The live zoom meetings are held Saturdays at Noon Pacific / 3 pm Eastern from Oct 29 - Nov 19. The video teaching modules are released Sundays for you to watch on your own time.

How much astrology do I need to know for this program?

A basic knowledge of astrology is helpful to keep the pace with the teachings. While this is an all-levels program, you'll need to know the basics such as the planets and zodiac signs. We ask that regardless of your level you are open to gaining new and deeper insights into astrology. 

What if I don't know birth times of myself or my relatives?
While birth Times are important for a more precise natal chart interpretation, you can still gain value from charts without them as most of the planets will be known along with the signs and elements, which can reveal important patterns.

How many relatives' birth data do I need?
Ideally, you would have access to birth dates (location and time desired, but not essential) of at least 2 family members. This can be parents, grandparents and even siblings.

If I am adopted, will this course still benefit me?
Absolutely. Astrological correlations of family patterns can also be seen in adoptee charts and this will be touched on in the course.

Will I be able to download the recordings?
Yes, the recordings and presentations slides will be yours to keep.

Can I get 1-1 support?
This is a group program and not intended for 1-1 support. Should you need personal mentoring, you may book a 1-1 astrology session with the instructor for an additional charge. 

Is this program therapeutic?
This course is a learning space, it is not a therapeutic one. Students are required to take full responsibility for their own well-being. The program is not intended to provide mental health counseling. The instructors are not licensed mental health professionals and are not attempting to offer such services. As some of this material may bring up sensitive issues, we will offer Resources of healing professionals that we recommend.


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