Saturn and the Father Archetype with Sherene Vismaya

The Radiant Astrology Podcast is back!

In this fresh, new episode recorded just in time for Father's Day, I discuss how Saturn symbolizes the Father archetype with my guest, Jungian analyst Sherene Vismaya.

We also explore Chiron's role as the healing bridge between Saturnian effort and Uranian breakthrough.

ā€œA father's absence and deadness can fuel a daughter's compensatory drive towards heroism and fame, or equally ignite the flames of depression and self-doubt. The negative father complex means dealing with the pull to depression, resignation, or being bound to the father by guilt or destructive emotions. Trapped under his spell she lives provisionally--time passing without meaning or purpose. She wanders. Unable to separate from his negative influence, she has trouble accessing her soul." Susan Schwartz

Sherene is hosting a 40-day alchemical journey on The Father beginning June 26 that will explore the father complex, projections and healing the father wounds within. Learn more about Sherene's P40 alchemical journey with the Father at


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