Virgo Full Moon

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2021
The Full Moon in Virgo is a blooming of the unexpected as the planet of liberation Uranus harmonizes with the Virgo Moon and the Pisces Sun.
The Virgo-Pisces is the axis that juxtaposes the practical with the transcendental, the divine with the humble.
Virgo is often associated with ritual, those acts of routine which create a sense of structure out of abstract time. However, as the Moon squared unexpected Uranus and will soon oppose nebulous Neptune, perhaps our rituals need a change of pace, a fresh perspective or a deluge of inspired vision?
As Jung said, “In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.” The outer planets remind us of the vastness of the universe and how tiny we are in the hands of the sky gods. Can we ride the wave and be curious as to where we land?
There’s a certain satisfaction that comes when the Virgo anxiety is channeled into organizing, filing, editing and purifying. Perhaps its an innate sense of bringing order to chaos.
Let’s remember that ritual is meaningless when its void of true sacredness. There’s something poetic in Marie Kondos ritual of giving gratitude for objects which no longer ‘spark joy’ as it honors their act of service in your life.
What rituals can you re-invent in your life so they’re no longer mindless robotic acts, but invite true meaning, healing and grace?

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