Venus square Pluto | Powerful Desires

aspects pluto venus Dec 01, 2023

While Pluto is wrapping up it's time in authoritative Capricorn - it departs for Aquarius in January 2024, but will have another brief stint in Capricorn from September to November 2024 - the resonance of judgement and oppression thrums through the collective with urgency. 

Venus in her home sign of Libra is the ultimate symbol of diplomacy and harmony-seeking, however as she approaches a challenging closing square with Pluto on December 3, desires in relationships can take on a compulsive and manipulative quality. When unconscious impulses become intensified, we may go to extremes in attempts to please others through acquiescence or compliance, as those who seek power become even more demanding, jealous or manipulative.

Whenever Venus and Pluto are in a challenging aspect its important to reflect upon the ways we allow power dynamics to control our lives. Are we a slave to the power of money, love or needing to feel accepted or adored by others? Releasing compulsions in these areas can help to liberate us from shadow Plutonian forces of disempowerment.

On June 5 earlier this year, Venus at 0 Leo opposed Pluto at 0 Aquarius, which was the culmination of the current Venus-Pluto cycle, a face-off of Venus in bold Leo with Pluto in objective Aquarius. This was prior to Venus' retrograde in Leo, before he depths of her creative expression went through a deep transformation. 

At this closing square, it's worth reflecting upon intense dynamics that emerged in May/June and how bringing consciousness to tensions can help you make wise choices in Venusian matters of love, money and creative expression. 

Venus will enter the depths of Scorpio the following day, December 4, where she's less interested in superficial harmony and moreso in truthful relationships and transformative drives that come from deep within and bond us to relationships with others that are deeply meaningful. Venus is all-or-nothing in Scorpio, because she knows no one is better company than one’s own soul.


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