The Astrology of Awakening II: Renewal of Hope Summit | April 15 - 18


Uncategorized Feb 25, 2021


Venus has entered Pisces, sign of her exaltation. The goddess of attraction desires fantasy and escapist pleasures, through March 21.

Pisces elevates Venusian aesthetics to a glamour, a hazy facade that entices and fascinates. Romance, relating, even money can have a more nebulous quality as Venus difts out to sea.

February's Aquarius stellium showed us just how chilly the cold realm of Air can be. Now with the Sun and loving Venus both in the water sign of Pisces, there's the potential of a thaw as Piscean compassion dissolves boundaries.

Venus under Pisces spell wants to melt in her lover's arms, or even sacrifice her own needs for the beloved. The challenge here is the tendency to idealize others and by doing so, their image becomes distorted. Or perhaps, in our insecurity to disappoint another's image of us, we seek to escape or be just out of reach. The dream lover is never quite as inspiring as the real thing... or is it?

This yearning quality will reach operatic heights when Venus conjoins with Neptune on March 13. Throughout March we'll want to be conscious of the Piscean shadow of victimhood, co-dependency and addiction, especially in terms of relationships. 

This weekend's Virgo Full Moon urges us to stay grounded, practical and dutiful. We'll need to edit, purify and detox to satisfy the Virgo need for organization.

Yet we still may hear the echos of the siren's seductive call, yearning to embrace the sweet escape of pleasure...


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