Uranian Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2022

Taurus Total Lunar Eclipse
(Full Moon)

Tuesday, Nov 8, 2022

3:02 am PDT / 6:02 am EDT
16 degrees Taurus/Scorpio

The Full Moon will be shrouded in a garnet shadow at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus in the early hours of Tuesday morning. What was seeded in secrecy at the Scorpio Solar Eclipse with Venus on Oct 25 is unleashed at the lunar eclipse. The quality of this expression has a distinctly Uranian tone as the Moon is tightly conjoined to the Great Awakener.

Uranus shatters norms, flips the script and brings unexpected plot twists. In Taurus, these shifts emerge in our values as well as what we cling to for safety and survival. Uranus is the catalyst to evolve yet when it meets with Taurus resistance, chaos can ensue - even if this is the breakthrough we've longed for.

That the New Moon / Solar Eclipse was conjunct Venus in Scorpio signals changes in our bonds, with our loved ones or what we hold dear. It tests our loyalties. Whether the moment arrives to take things to a new level or to release ourselves from a toxic relationship pattern, eclipses bring a re-alignment of destiny.

Mercury is cazimi with the Scorpio Sun suggesting that while emotions run high, thoughts and desires run deep - and often it's in the lack of communication that we feel the emotional void. A sudden insight may illuminate an important internal awareness. The Full Moon / lunar eclipse reveals an inner turmoil that has gone unnoticed and unexpressed.

The emotional catharsis of the lunar eclipse is frustrated by the square from restrictive Saturn, yet the lunar eclipse activates the Saturn-Uranus square of societal schizms as progress clashes with authority. Uranus wants to break free from the past, while Saturn will pull out all the stops to maintain control.

The North Node / Rahu is activated at this eclipse which offers opportunities for growth and expansion, so long as we're wary of avarice. The 'dragon's head' can be ravenous in it's hunger for satisfaction.

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Eclipse blessings,
Christina Caudill


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