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Taurus New Moon + Powerful Jupiter T-Square

Uncategorized May 18, 2023

Taurus New Moon
May 19, 2023
8:53 am PDT / 11:53 am EDT
28 degrees Taurus

The Taurus New Moon begins a cycle of cultivation for creativity and prosperity to flourish. Taurus is the exaltation of the Moon, where the comfort-seeking lunar goddess has an opportunity to stabilize, find satisfaction and settle in. The energetic soil in which we plant seeds is fertile for growth, in time. Patience and determination is the water that nourishes our garden for an abundant harvest. 

Jupiter entered Taurus May 16 for a year-long transit and during this time, the planet of expansion, opportunity and new horizons will offer new opportunities for abundance, pleasure and creativity in our Taurus house. To learn more about what this transit means for you, order your Jupiter in Taurus reading here.

 Just as Jupiter entered Taurus, it formed a square to Pluto in Aquarius, which continues through early June. When forces such as these collide, they can have extreme effects as they amplify one another. The expansion qualities of Jupiter can be emboldened with Pluto drive. And while this can carry one to great heights of elevated status, wealth or influence, it could also provoke powerful resistance. The shadow of Jupiter is exaggeration and if we're too self-righteous, arrogant or deluded, that could lead to a great fall. While Pluto can bestow power, he can also take it away.

The days following the Taurus New Moon, Mars in Leo opposes Pluto and squares Jupiter which unleashes passionate energy, drive and ambition. Mars-Pluto oppositions can be highly intense and aggressive, so it's especially important to watch out of conflicts which could get highly destructive. The square to Jupiter amplifies the energy further so it's important to direct our martian drive in constructive and creative ways. If we have great ambitions, now is the time to take flight, just be sure to do so in a way that doesn't mean destroying others in the process.

To further increase the expansive potential of this time, Jupiter conjoins the North Node of Destiny at 3 degrees Taurus from May 29 - June 4. It's as if our growth potential has been given an extra boost of miracle gro. The North Node has been transiting this area since January 2022 and so Taurus is primed for a evolutionary potential.

Venus, ruler of Taurus, is in protective Cancer seeking pleasure in our familiar connections. She's urging us to wake up to our most precious and deeply held values. Are you living your life according to what is most important? In Taurus, self-sufficiency, survival, money, possessions and shelter are some themes that, while they may not sound like transcendent spiritual themes, however, if we do not take an honest look at our relationship to them, we can find ourselves either constantly in lack or in continual hunger for more.

Jupiter is the planet of generosity, optimism and gratitude. At this New Moon, honor all that you have. Savor the gratitude. And open your mind and heart to the possibility of massive abundance and expansive joy, to unfold in perfect timing.

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