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Taurus New Moon | Clarifying Values

Uncategorized May 11, 2021

Taurus New Moon
Tuesday, May 11, 2021
11:59 am PDT / 2:59 pm EDT
21 degrees Taurus

The New Moon in Taurus is an opportunity to renew and reshape our integrity through determination, clarity and resilience. Black Moon Lilith is at the heart of this New Moon, offering liberation from delusions and false paths. At the New Moon, our intentions begin to take root in order to flower with time and cultivation. 

Eclipse season begins with this New Moon as the culmination of this cycle is at the May 26 Full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. As the luminaries align with the Lunar Nodes, they course correct our paths through fate and destiny. While we can see the path ahead will culminate with a fiery Blood Moon, this moment of beginning is the realm of Taurus, whose qualities are focus, determination and resourcefulness which will serve us well in the journey into eclipse season.

Taurus is the exaltation of the Moon where nourishment, physical, emotional and spiritual are desired. The Moon vacillates between security and insecurity and in Taurus she's more likely to find some satisfaction. This is the realm of shelter, survival and resources all of which ultimately stem from our values.

At the New Moon, clarify your values. These essential priorities can become your touchstones for resilience, determination and purpose. Through them, you can have a hand in shaping your destiny in the midst of chaos, just as a potter shapes the spinning clay.

That the New Moon is conjunct Black Moon Lilith (BML) suggests a sharp clarifying of what is true versus what isn't. BML is not a physical body but rather a point in space of the Moon's apogee, where it's furthest from the Earth in its orbit. She is associated with the rejection of oppression and of burning away all that is inauthentic so that only what is true and essential remains.

Demetra George writes of Black Moon Lilith "[she] will lead us to our goal, not by revealing what it is, but rather by eliminating everything that it is not, and this stark aspect of Lilith slams shut all the wrong doors that open to us... She is a warrior goddess of revolution who creates troubling disruption as she moves us to protest against those who have a vested interest in keeping up submissive and subservient."

While BML can bring some harsh realities into focus, a square between Mars and Chiron may provoke our innermost emotional wounds. This may trigger some to become defensive or motivate us to act from our core values.

However this New Moon is also laced with qualities of hope. A sextile to enchanting Neptune and square to expansive Jupiter, so even in the darkest of moments, hope arises. Jupiter moves into spiritual Pisces the next day, released from the restriction of Saturn until July 29 to spread his wings into magical new horizons. 

Venus, goddess of relating, pleasure and creativity rules this New Moon. She's in Gemini along with Mercury and the North Node, emphasizing the significance of friends, alliances and compromise. Perhaps when one door closes another one opens? Venus, a seeker of harmony, also knows the value of listening over speaking so that others have a chance to feel heard. Communication can often make or break an alliance, so let's choose our words with intention and care. 

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