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Scorpio Full Moon | Deep Transformation

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2021

Scorpio Full Moon
Monday, April 26
8:32 pm PDT / 11:32 pm EDT
7 degrees Scorpio / Taurus

The Scorpio Full Moon illuminates the shadows and the undiscovered treasures hidden in the depths, concealed from the light of day. The Scorpio archetype of metamorphosis teaches us that there's more to life than mere survival, as depicted by its opposite sign of Taurus. The impulse for rebirth arises from the depths for a cathartic release and an awakening to new levels of truth.

As a Fixed sign, Scorpio has strong impulses for resistance and secrecy. The urge to emote can be met with an equally strong urge to resist it. Perhaps there's a fear of one's own intensity or the overwhelming power of unconscious forces that could be unleashed if an opening to the emotional depths was permitted. 

Yet, at this Full Moon, an aspect with magical Neptune may help to dissolve the stubbornness of the Fixed energy and smoothly dislodge any blocks toward the expression of inner material that seeks the light. As Jung said of the personal unconscious, much of our repressed material is not yet ripe enough for our consciousness and therefore comes through our dreams, imaginations and fantasies.

As powerful Pluto stations to turn retrograde, profound change opens up before us. We may become aware of deeply entrenched toxic patterns that have hindered our evolution and how necessary it is to make change. Perhaps we reach a turning point in a toxic pattern or addiction where we become acutely aware of its cost. There can be a strong impulse to transform in a significant way that's a departure from past so that a new chapter of our lives can be written.

A trine with Mars in Cancer provides motivation to initiate actions aligned with a soul desire for profound change. While a T-square from authoritative Saturn suggests that karmic consequences weigh on our sense of duty to leave toxic patterns behind.

While the Full Moon in Scorpio can provoke amplified, raw emotion, the true power of Scorpio lies in self-mastery. To move with maximum impact, not in repression or denial, but self-control. It's no wonder this is the moon - the Wesak Moon - the Buddhists believe that the Buddha attained enlightenment while meditating under the Bodhi Tree. When inner turmoil can be transmuted into a surrender to higher truth, inner resilience, and pushing past personal resistance, something akin to transformation, if not enlightenment, is within our reach.


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