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Podcast | Healing Shame Will Heal Our World with Georgia Takacs

podcast Apr 02, 2021
Radiant Astrology
Podcast | Healing Shame Will Heal Our World with Georgia Takacs

In this episode of The Radiant Astrology Podcast, my guest is astrologer Georgia Takacs who discusses how healing shame can heal our world. Shame is embedded in so much of our lives which affects our relationships, parenting, and how we relate to money and survival. 

We pay homage to the ultimate truthteller around shame, Dr. Brene Brown. Georgia has studied Dr. Brown's teachings on shame and how it's perpetuated through judgment and secrecy. She shares with us how shame is at the root of our feelings of scarcity and the false belief of our innate unworthiness.

We reflect on Chiron the Wounded Healer and the inner wound of shame as well as the current transit of Uranus in Taurus and our shifting value systems. As shame and scarcity are inherent to the capitalist system, how we can transform ourselves and the systems we support that uphold society?

Georgia Takacs will be a presenter in our upcoming summit, The Astrology of Awakening II: Renewal of Hope, April 15 - 18 a free 4-day online event celebrating women's wisdom in astrology. Register free at

Georgia Takacs is a Sacred Activist and Evolutionary Astrologer, practicing Sacred Astrology. She is currently based in Cambridge UK and works 'in the Gift' in client consultations, for which is a strong advocate. She is also an advocate for Sacred Economics more widely, Deep Adaptation, healing shame, and the importance of indigenous culture and wisdom in humanity's way onward. Visit her online at


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