Pisces New Moon | Making the Dream Real

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2023

Pisces New Moon
Feb 19 at 11:05 pm PST
Feb 20 at 2:05 am EST
1 degree Pisces

The coming New Moon is in Pisces
 as the archetype of dreams begins a new cycle with taskmaster Saturn heavily involved. As the Sun and Moon both conjoined Saturn during the Balsamic phase before the New Moon, the shadow of Saturn looms large, requiring focus and seriousness in order to make our vision a reality. Meanwhile the siren song of Venus-Neptune emphasizes the soul's yearning to transcend disappointment and reach for the sublime.

First, let's talk about the energy of loss and resignation. In recent weeks, we saw the shock retirement announcements of women Prime Ministers Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand and Nicola Sturgeon of Scotland, both referring to the dehumanizing pressures of their political positions. As Venus exalted in Pisces conjoined Neptune, it echoed the sacrificial quality of Neptune within the feminine experience. 

If we've recently experienced a Saturnian reality check or disillusionment, it may take time to process where we've deluded ourselves or where a lack of commitment may have led to a disappointment. On the flip side, those who put in their Saturn work, may be receiving abundant rewards, even if in the sense of satisfaction is of a dream realised.

The New Moon near the beginning of Pisces has a message of self-protection, which may seem counter intuitive to the sacrificial nature of this archetype. True compassion knows no boundaries but in the human realm, we can become emotionally drained when we've reached our limit. The Neptunian lack of boundaries reveals the need for a stronger Saturnian containment.

Venus is at the final degree of the zodiac at 29 Pisces at the New Moon which is especially associated with endings and finality. Yet with every ending is a new beginning, and the potential of the Pisces New Moon conjunct Saturn suggests that when we get clear on our vision, commit to it and focus during this lunation cycle, our heart's desire can be made real.

Perhaps we've achieved what we set out to accomplish and now the time is to pursue a new vision. Some may be throwing in the towel after being burnt out in order to live in a way that supports their mental and emotional wellbeing. Or, if we've experienced the loss of a beloved compaion or authority figure, the void must must be filled with our own inner discipline and evolving maturity.

I also think of Venus-Neptune as overindulging or even overdosing and the Saturn-New Moon clarity that can come from waking up to the reality of the needs of the body to abstain from toxins and excess. This can be a cycle of self-care, especially as we get closer to the Virgo Full Moon where the emphasis will be on purification. 

Pisces is associated with the sacred, the mystical and magic. At this New Moon conjunct Saturn, take the sacred seriously. This would be a wonderful time for deep ancestral work, serious spirituality or magical practice that follows rules of discipline. Doing a magical sigil with intentions on living a worthwhile and meaningful vision would be the perfect way to align with the cosmic forces right now.

New Moon blessings,

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