Pisces Full Moon | Sacred Healing

Uncategorized Sep 20, 2021

Sacred Healing

Monday, September 20
4:54 PM PDT / 7:54 PM EDT
28 degrees Pisces Moon / Virgo Sun

Pisces Full Moon Themes

compassion, confusion, distortions, dreams, enchantment, escapism, fantasy, gratitude, healing, illness, imagination, magic, mystical, overwhelm, purification, rest, retreat, sacredness, sacrifice, sorrow, yearning, unrequited/unconditional love

"I welcome the awareness that is ripening in my consciousness.
As I integrate sacredness into my daily life, I access grace.
Healing is a miracle of self-love."


Today's ultra-sensitive Pisces Full Moon coaxes forth the yearnings of the soul and illuminates the urgent need for healing. As the dutiful Virgo Sun is polarized by the sacrificial Pisces Moon, we may become conscious of that which is most sacred and precious that needs recognition. 

The Pisces-Virgo axis may bring forth issues relating to our health, illnesses may give us important insight into what we need to heal. Relationship issues that emerge at this time may show us how imbalanced they are, where one is in service to another: whether that be in a helpful, healing capacity or a draining, co-dependent one. 

As the Full Moon aligns with the Mars-Neptune opposition and we may feel overwhelmed and ineffective with so much to do and not enough motivation or energy to accomplish everything. Taking things one at a time or working in solitude can be helpful, keeping in mind that Neptune can often distort our perspective, magnifying our fears.

Mercury-Jupiter trine may be helpful at sorting through the abundance of information coming our way, and could even bring good news or a sense of an optimistic silver lining. Note that Mercury is preparing to station retrograde on Sept 26 so these next several weeks may call for flexibility in terms of planning, negotiation and communication. 

A powerful YOD or finger of God is aligning at 11 degrees with Chiron in Aries, Ceres in Gemini, Venus in Scorpio at the apex. Some of our deepest wounds and shadows may be reaching an acute point of healing. The pain of vulnerability (Chiron) and the grief of loss (Ceres) are intertwined in some of our most profound relationship needs (Venus). Venus in Scorpio can be all or nothing in matters of the heart, yet its truth and depth she ultimately desires.

Wednesday's Libra Equinox (Fall in the Northern Hemisphere / Spring in the Southern Hemisphere) shifts the solar life force of the Sun into Libra, Venus' sign of balance, relating, diplomacy and harmony. The Libra Ingress chart gives insight into the coming 3 months, and with Mercury and Mars in this sign, negotiations, partnerships and agreements are likely to be of prime importance in the coming months ahead.


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