Pisces Full Moon + Mercury Rx

Uncategorized Sep 07, 2022

Another Mercury retrograde is nearly upon us, as the communication planet is slowing to station retrograde in Libra this Friday, September 9 at 8 degrees Libra, it will eventually turn direct October 2 at 24 Virgo. As the Pisces Full Moon comes exact only several hours later, this can make for a time of disorientation.

Full Moons bring events to fruition and amplify the emotional realm, particularly in a water sign such as Pisces. The Full Moon is nearly conjunct escapist Neptune which douses reality in imagination and idealization. Dreams can come true, beyond our wildest imaginings. Or endings can wash away our aspirations and leave us disappointed. The spectrum of bliss and sorrow, abundance and loss are within Pisces sacred domain.

How can we gain clarity and make sensible decisions during this time of confusion, indecision and overwhelm? This is a time to be especially patient and flexible as situations can shift as information is changes, is misunderstood or goes missing. Mercury in Libra can be particularly indecisive when continually weighing all possible scenarios. Deep breathing and EFT tapping can help calm the nervous system and reduce panic.

I always return to my favorite piece of wisdom for Mercury retrograde by astrologer Erin Sullivan who said in her book Retrograde Planets that Mercury direct is the 'cycle of attention' and Mercury retrograde is the 'cycle of awareness'. When our mental focus is particularly slippery, it's best to tune into the intuitive realm. This is the space where great creativity is born - music, poetry, fantasy and imagination - all stemming for the desire to transcend the every day and access the sublime.

The Great Awakener, Uranus, is trine the Sun and sextile the Moon suggesting an unexpected or surprising turn of events. While Uranus liberates and catapults us into a new future, Neptune reminds us of the past, which may take time to process as we transition from one phase into the next. 

Dreams are likely to be especially vivid now through the Sun-Neptune opposition Sept 17 and while they may seem nonsensical at first, the psyche doesn't tell us anything we already know. Vivid dreams are often meant to alert us to important information we're unaware of, yet could make a difference in the path we choose to follow. Journal your insights upon waking, don't let the gems from your Soul evaporate from your awareness.

Christina Caudill


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