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Penultimate Sun-Neptune in Pisces

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2024

Today the Sun conjoins transcendent Neptune in it's home sign of Pisces, where it's been transiting since April 2011.

The Sun illuminates the archetype of Neptune today, yet like the ocean, Neptune contains a vastness of experience ranging from the mystical and blissful, to the disappointing and sorrowful. Dropping into meditation can be like diving to the bottom of the ocean where there is peace away from the chaotic waves.

In the Natal Chart, the Sun often represents the role we play, whether in our work, our family or the conscious identity we take on. Neptune can bring a renewed perspective, soften the sharp focus, and dissolve the fixed identity.

I've often seen this as a time when people experience an existential crisis. They might feel exhausted and consider "throwing in the towel" when they can't see where the path leads. A good rest and self-care can be deeply healing now.

The dissolving of our identity may be an invitation to imagine a new purpose. Perhaps transmuting pain is an initiation, part of the alchemy needed to reach a new level of truth?

Next year around this time, the Sun-Neptune cazimi will be at 29 Pisces and will be the final experience of illumination of Neptune in this sign before it ingresses Aries where it will be until 2039. Saturn conjoins Neptune at 0 Aries in February 2026, bringing a reality check to a courageous new beginning.

Take some time to reflect upon the dream that was born around 2011 and how it has morphed and evolved through today. Is it time to deepen this purpose and integrate it to your soul? Or are you being called toward a new purpose that you can pour your soul into as a sacred service?

Anything is possible.

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