Navigating Saturn in Pisces 2023 - 2026

Uncategorized Mar 07, 2023

Saturn has entered Pisces for a 3.5 year transit that will shift the collective focus on areas of weakness that need strengthening. Pisces is a Mutable Water sign symbolic of a spectrum of associations from dreams, fantasy and mysticism to isolation, compassion and sorrows.

As Saturn, Lord of Karma, transits Pisces, the sign that contains all the karma of the zodiac, there is a sense that endings of all kinds will become more significant and poignant. Saturn blocks the ease of experience through delays or burdens so that we realize what is lacking. By honoring Saturn with discipline, work and patience, we have the opportunity to grow resilient and reap well-earned rewards.

What will Saturn have in store for its transit in Pisces through February 2026? There's a myriad of ways this can manifest, but I've listed a handful of experiences to be aware of in order to best navigate this upcoming period.

Collective Fears
Saturn has been transiting the two signs it rules since it first entered Capricorn in December 2017 when Capricornian themes of authority and control were reinforced during this time. As Saturn ingressed collective-focused Aquarius in March of 2020, we first experienced social distancing to an extreme degree. As Saturn also represents societal fears we can see how the nature of these fears are reflected by the sign Saturn is transiting.

Saturn has no such dignity in Pisces. Yet while the nature of Saturn as taskmaster won't change, the quality of how Saturn manifests will. We can expect there to be blocks, burdens and discipline needed in Piscean-themed areas which may take more of an emotional and spiritual approach to Saturn than before. The collective fears of Saturn in Pisces will manifest in Piscean ways and we may already be seeing some of them in a global water crisis, fears of a recession and a lack in deep meaning.

Water Element
Discussions of climate change are not new, but what we may see more of a focus on is a crisis of water. Europe is experiencing droughts to their rivers and a lack of snow to mountaintops never before seen, causing a fear of the unknown. Pisces represents the power of nature and there is only so much man-made Saturnian laws can do to correct such problems. Where Saturn can be helpful is to draw attention to our blind spots to humanity's role in a global water crisis, to hopefully find new solutions to such a vast problem. 

Escapist Creativity
Disciplinarian Saturn in escapist Pisces will want to capture the vastness of Piscean fantasy to turn it into something purposeful. The nature of Pisces is transcendent and when defined by Saturnian creative discipline it can serve humanity in ways that allow for us to connect to shared transcendental experiences. The ecstatic joys, sublime beauty and profound sorrows that dwell in the ocean of Pisces can create something truly magical when contained by Saturn in the form of creativity such as music, poetry, and the visual and performing arts.

Spirituality and Mysticism 
Carl Jung believed that modern humanity was greatly lacking in mystical experiences, leading to a haunting sense of meaninglessness and craving addictions. Saturn in Pisces may lead to a sense of disillusionment when we discover our deep need for soul, and how desperately we're lacking it. Whether this comes in the form of spirituality, religion, dreams, shadow work, ancestral healing or mysticism, Saturn wants it to be taken seriously through a practice of spiritual discipline. The ways in which we distract ourselves that waste our time and drain our life force may get a reality check. Spiritual fortitude doesn't come overnight and Saturn in Pisces suggest isolation, seriousness and studying the ancient ways of healing the soul.

Compassion and Sacrifice
Saturn is often associated with the downtrodden and the vulnerable, as well as the elderly. Through Pisces, Saturn may help us realize the lack of compassion we have for the poor, the homeless and the marginalized among us. Perhaps we've not done enough for those in society who have the least, or for those nations who are not as wealthy and lack basic supplies. Saturn will bring focus to these areas and call for long needed change that may call for more from those who truly want to make a difference. Compassion and empathy are areas that we'll be brought into focus, both the lack of it and the deep need for it. Perhaps we'll learn at a deeper level the meaning of the sacred in sacrifice.

Saturn Transiting the Natal Chart
As Saturn ingresses a new sign, observe what emerges in the form of delays or discipline needed in the house ruled by Pisces in your Natal Chart. Regardless of what House system you use, I find that slower moving planets begin to impact the Whole Sign House as soon as it changes signs. You may not yet get the full impact of the lessons of Saturn until it crosses the threshold of that house but it's worthwhile to consider what you can prepare for.

Look for any planets you have in the Mutable signs: Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius as they'll be aspect by Saturn at some point. Personal planets will be especially sensitive to aspects by Saturn and will be a challenge for them to grow more resilient and progress may seem slow.

Saturn responds well to patience and discipline and will offer rewards when we've honored the Saturn within us in this way. Consider the themes of the house Saturn is entering and how you may intentionally begin to strengthen this area. In Pisces, blindspots will be revealed and at times it may feel overwhelming or difficult to get a grasp on. The changeable nature of the mutable signs may feel blocked or slowed down by Saturn, but Saturn doesn't want us to skip any steps. Change is coming but must be done with thoughtfulness and thoroughness in the Saturnian way.

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