Mercury Rx in Aquarius - Capricorn

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2022

It's tricky when there's a Mercury retrograde just after the New Year. Just as we're embarking on a new chapter, we find that our attention turns inward and backward. Perhaps we run into glitches that require we re-think our plan, or revise our strategy.

Mercury - the planet of communication - stations retrograde in Aquarius for it's 3-week 'backward' transit, January 14 - February 3. Yes, you can expect glitchy Zoom meetings, webinar snafus, and plenty of trickster antics that can make our more tech-dependent lives exasperating.

Keeping calm, collected and focused can be a challenge when our nervous systems also feel zapped by the trickster god. But it also presents us with certain gifts as well.

Mercury retreats just before it reaches disciplinarian Saturn, so before we commit, we need to rethink Aquarian concepts and ideas. Aquarius often signifies groups, networks, technical innovations and social causes - these areas may especially need revising. Mercury rx can open the door to former acquaintances to encourage resolving the past.

Information emerges which can lead to, as Malcolm Gladwell noted, important understandings which can make a world of difference in the decisions and choices we make. 

A further twist is that Venus is still retrograde in Capricorn, turning direct on January 28, revealing important lessons in relationship boundaries and responsibilities. Venus' love language here is often in ways to help her lover succeed, or in shouldering the burdens of responsibility so that her loved ones are cared for. Venus has unearthed the unconscious dynamics in relationships, calling for a re-balancing of responsibilities, re-assessment of shared values and in some cases, some uncomfortable truth-telling. 

There will be a total of 4 Mercury retrogrades in 2022 (which I cover in my 2022 Year Ahead Workshop) - the first 3 of which begin in Air signs and end in Earth signs. As Air is symbolic of ideas, concepts, thinking and communicating and Earth wants practical, tangible reality, we'll need to straddle the worlds of the conceptual and the practical.

Reflect on you the themes of your Aquarius-ruled house to bring consciousness to this transit. Rather than forging ahead, is there something that you missed and need to re-evaluate to make the most of this period?

Also reflect on the themes of your Capricorn-ruled house for deeper understandings on how the ideas of Aquarius may benefit from being rooted in Capricornian responsibility. Mercury was last visiting this area in December 29 - January 2. What New Year's resolutions need to be considered more deeply?

While brilliant and innovative new ideas and insights can emerge during this period, not all may make it past the retrograde, after Mercury turns direct.

This can be a great time of testing and experimentation - allow the mind to wander into unknown territories.

Significant Mercury Rx Dates:
Dec 29, 2021 Mercury enters pre-shadow 24 Capricorn
Jan 14, 2022 Mercury stations retrograde 10 Aquarius
Jan 23, Mercury-Sun Cazimi 3 Aquarius
Feb 3 Mercury stations direct 24 Capricorn
Feb 24 Mercury leaves post-shadow 10 Aquarius

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