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Mercury Rx and Your Memoire

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2021

This Mercury Retrograde in Gemini has been so profound on the level of the mind and memory, especially as it's been happening during an eclipse season with the North Node in Gemini.

As we venture out into the summer and reconnect with old friends and pleasures, the nostalgia of more innocent times becomes intoxicating.

It's likely you've been flooded with memories of the past about the person you used to be and the elements that shaped you into who you are today.

To paraphrase from Robert Moss, your personal journal will be the most important book you'll ever read.

So... have you been journaling lately?

We're halfway through Mercury Rx in Gemini and now is a perfect time to find the treasures in all the memories of the Soul.

Writing down what's in your mind is not only a great way to clear the burdens from your mind and heart, but it's an exercise in creating a more thoughtful and meaningful life. It's a step toward leaving a legacy.

Here are some suggestions:

>> Dust off your journal and read through some of your old thoughts. Do you recognize this person and their mindframe? If you read about your old struggles, send your old self an energetic hug.

>> Buy a fresh new journal and reflect on how far you've come in your personal journey. What were the significant turning points along the way? What were the major breakthroughs?

>> Are there any echos from 2001/2002 - the last time the North Node was in Gemini? What cycles are completing and beginning?

Why not share what you've learned on your social media profile, as a way to express your authentic self? If you're on Instagram, you can do an "Introduction post" to your followers as a way to re-introduce yourself (those are always so fun to watch!).

If you do so, please tag me @radiantastrology, I'd love to hear your story!

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