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Libra Equinox + New Moon | Rebalancing

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2022

The Sun moved into Libra on Sept 22, transitioning to the Libra Equinox - Fall in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. Libra is represented by the scales, a time to rebalance from extremes - in nature and in our own lives. As Aries signifies the self, Libra is the mirror in which we gain a sense of self through our engagements with others.

The Sun-Mercury Cazimi occured mere hours after the ingress, signaling not only the midpoint of the Mercury rx cycle, but also indicating that the coming season is emphasized by introspection, retrospection and mental problem solving. Re-thinking our relationships and how we re-balance them through communication, diplomacy and persuasion will be a central theme in the months ahead.

The Libra New Moon offers a fresh start in relating, as it illuminates the Equinox point, ushering in a new cycle for relationships. The Sabian Symbol of "The Dawn of a New Day Reveals Everything Changed" seems especially poignant after the intensity of Sept 10 Pisces Full Moon which dissolved one era so that a new one can begin. Now, hopefully, we can begin to look toward the future as the New Moon is amplified by the opposition to expansive Jupiter in Aries. Fresh dynamics in relationships, partnerships and alliances may inspire us to embark on a new adventure or explore new pathways. Jupiter-Sun can amplify confidence and we may feel we can take on the world with enough self-belief. However, we'll want to be wary of the exaggerated optimism and arrogance of Jupiter to over-promise or bite off more than we can chew. Focusing on mutual wins where everyone is equally uplifted can be a positive signature of this lunar cycle.

Venus, ruler of Libra is in perfectionist Virgo and conjoined with Mercury retrograde suggesting that ideas and relationships may continue to shift and change in our efforts to find the perfect solution to our current situation. Venus represents our values which are also going through continual shifts as we re-organize how we spend our money, our time and what and whom we prioritize.

Venus tends to feel restricted in Virgo which affects us in relating as well as in our finances. A potential silver lining is offered when Venus transits Libra, her home sign, from Sept 29 through Oct 23 as she provides assistance in harmonizing relationships, creativity and pleasure seeking.


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