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Leo Sun Square Jupiter in Taurus: Inflated Abundance

Uncategorized Aug 04, 2023

The bold Leo Sun squares abundant Jupiter in Taurus exact on August 6, suggesting an over-the-top energy for the days ahead. 

The Sun in flamboyant Leo shines a vivid, brilliant light, and as it activates expansive Jupiter the sky's the limit for how much audacity we can take. At it's best, the Leo Sun can light up hearts and dazzle with their gift to inspire - but we'll want to watch out for the Lion roar if sensitive egos are triggered.

Perhaps new horizons beckon and the taste of freedom and adventure is too good to resist. It feels good to be generous, which can add to a sense of purpose and confidence.

But don't forget! An empowered Venus is retrograde in Leo, ruling Taurus and Libra. Venus in the underworld opens up shadows of the past - past loves, past desires, past patterns of relating - that may distort the ways we relate and call for deeper experiences of connection. Will she crash the Sun-Jupiter party with relationship drama, or perhaps express her intense need for validation of her supremacy? We shall see...

A Pisces Moon-Neptune conjunction on Friday evening suggests escapism and fantasy. The Aries Moon Saturday and Sunday ignites fiery adventure, while the Taurus Moon-Jupiter conjunction early on Tuesday - which everyone on social media will be calling the 8-8 Lion's Gate - wants to get one more squeeze out of Jupiter's generous abundance.

Happy adventures! 

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