Leo New Moon | Where You Shine

Uncategorized Aug 09, 2021

This Leo New Moon cycle is an opportunity to return to your center and shine your light of courage, creativity and purpose. The Sun is in its rulership in Leo and as the Moon aligns with the solar life force, the fire of creative, dramatic Leo is reignited. 

As I write this, the Moon is newly waxing and opposing abundant Jupiter rx in Aquarius. While Jupiter is somewhat restricted in the realm of Saturn and not entirely at ease while retrograde, we may still sense the hope and expansiveness that is uniquely Jupiterian. 

In two weeks' time, the second Aquarian Full Moon will conjoin Jupiter, and the flowering of our intentions will have a chance to bloom. I find the Leo/Aquarius axis to be a spectrum of how our specialness and creative gifts (Leo) can impact the collective consciousness (Aquarius). And how the impulse to put collective needs first (Aquarius) can fuel a sense of purpose (Leo).

The New Moon is separating from a square to Uranus, so there's an urge to liberate from expectations and align with authenticity. Creative breakthroughs are possible now.

Have you set your intentions for this powerful New Moon? It's not too late.

Look at the house Leo rules in your Natal Chart. What needs to grow in this area? Your Leo house can be a special place to cultivate joy, courage and purpose.

Look at your Sun by house, sign and aspects. How can you bring focus to your solar life force and give it what it needs to shine it's light? This is the source of your power.

Leo New Moon blessings!

Christina Caudill, Radiant Astrology


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