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June 2021 Starcast

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2021

We’re entering a month of more change, as the chaotic Saturn-Uranus square aligns again, this time with Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. Progress collides with authority and with Saturn rx, a great restructuring is in order.

The month opens with loving Venus entering the water sign of Cancer. We may be more attracted to feelings of maternal security and belonging, craving familiarity.

The Venus-Jupiter trine on June 3 is like a big hug from the Universe. We can open our arms and hearts wide to receive an embrace of care, pleasure and blessings.

One of the more intense aspects building, however, is the Mars-Pluto opposition, exact June 5. The individual will can find itself up against powerful opposing forces. This is a time to be careful of destructive forces in the world and within our own impulses to dominate others. If used well, it could signify empowered determination to push past our limitations.

The Gemini Solar Eclipse on June 10 is at the midpoint of the Mercury retrograde cycle, signaling important information and learning. An eclipse of the Sun has an effect of transforming the solar symbolism: leaders, roles and public image. What is eclipsed or silenced is making way for something new to be born in its place.

The June 20 Solstice - Summer in the Northern Hemisphere / Winter in the Southern Hemisphere - is a turning point in the year, traditionally a celebration of the Sun as it pivots direction. Abundant Jupiter will be stationary retrograde, and we'll want to binge on getting as much Jupiter juice blessings before it retreats into retrogradation.

The solar life force will be revived as the Sun trines expansive Jupiter in time for the Capricorn Full Moon on June 24. The Full Moon illuminates achievement as the culmination of our karmic responsibilities come to light. At its best, the Capricorn/Cancer axis integrates the polarity of material responsibilities with emotional nourishment and care.

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