Gemini Full Moon: Seize the Day

Uncategorized Nov 26, 2023

Gemini Full Moon
Monday, Nov 27, 2023
1:16 AM PST / 4:16 AM EST
4 degrees Gemini Moon / Sagittarius Sun

“How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself?... From now on, then, resolve to live as a grown-up who is making progress, and make whatever you think best a law that you never set aside. And whenever you encounter anything that is difficult or pleasurable, or highly or lowly regarded, remember that the contest is now: you are at the Olympic Games, you cannot wait any longer...” ― Epictetus

SUMMARY: The Full Moon in Gemini illuminates a sense of adventure along the axis of ideas, information, and beliefs, where the fluidity of learning intermingles with the optimism of faith. A stellium in Sagittarius of the Sun, Mars, Mercury and Ceres encourages inflated expectations, actions and big ideas. However, a square to Saturn in Pisces offers a reality check to ensure that plans are grounded in responsibility so they don't become derailed by exaggeration. 

INSIGHT: Gemini is the sign of the Twins, the dual-natured Mutable Air sign that craves a variety of experiences. The Full Moon in Gemini heightens the desire for information, data and gossip. In contrast to the recent Scorpio New Moon where plans and actions were shrouded in secrecy, at this Full Moon it's time to let everything out into the light.

The Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius are focused on context, transforming mere data into opinions, philosophies and beliefs. Mercury tends to be less precise in Sagittarius, concerned more with the big picture and future possibilities. Warrior Mars in Sagittarius is eager to seize the day in this adventuresome fire sign. Sagittarius is the sign of the archer and Mars here is impatient to achieve big things, but needs to ensure not to overshoot the mark or exaggerate what is realistically achievable.

Neptune forms a square with Mercury, which can be problematic if we let our paranoia get the better of us. There's a risk of being misunderstood or for details to be overlooked when Neptune distorts the transmission of information. Mercury has just entered the pre-shadow zone of it's upcoming retrograde period, suggesting that information and opinions offered now may need to be revised in the coming weeks, or at the very least, repeated.

Saturn in Pisces forms a T-square with the Full Moon, calling for a slow release and considered steps so that energy isn't wasted. The responsibility of Saturn offers some needed restraint and sobriety in such a mutable environment.

GUIDANCE: This is a time to emerge into the light, taking action and voicing our truths. Take care to share to say what you mean and mean what you say, words have consequences. With so much mutable energy, be adaptable to respond to changes. Put aside unnecessary criticism, gossip and bickering to focus on creating a plan of action for the future.

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