Uncategorized Dec 18, 2021

Gemini Full Moon Themes
abundant information, anxieties, over-the-top charm, duplicity, distraction, discerning data, gossip, curiosity, multi-tasking, inspiring insight.

"As an abundance of information flows, I discern and align with those ideas which are an investment in a new horizon of my destiny."

Today's Gemini Full Moon is a ripening of ideas and an abundant flow of information - thanks in part to the trine to Jupiter in Aquarius. Gemini is the sign of the Twins and correlates to our siblings
, close friends, and communities who seem to be an extension of ourselvesThe flow of chatter, news and holiday cheer mixes and mingles with the collective anxiety of unseen forces at play.

Collectively, we may see responses to the pandemic referred to as "an abundance of caution" (collective restriction = Saturn in Aquarius). However, the glimmer of hope is that Jupiter will be moving into Pisces once more on December 28 (my birthday!) where Jupiter finds some ways to escape from Saturn's restrictions, even if in spirit and fantasy.

Mercury, the ruler of this Gemini Full Moon, has just emerged from under the beams of the Sun and is renewed and invigorated. Newly in Capricorn, Mercury here is all business. Rather than chasing after shiny objects, we must use our best judgment to focus on quality thoughts and ideas. Where we invest our attention matters.

Venus soon begins her retrograde journey in Capricorn conjunct intense Pluto, transforming our values and eliminating the toxic relationship patterns and power struggles that disempower us. 

Finally, the Saturn-Uranus square perfects for the 3rd and final time on December 23, this time with Saturn direct and Uranus retrograde. The schisms and confrontations between rebellious Uranus and Saturnian authority come to yet another chapter this Christmas season, as our collective transformation takes another step toward evolution. 

 Wishing you and your loved ones a safe and abundantly joy-filled holiday season!

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