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Capricorn Full Moon | Get Free

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2021

Capricorn Full Moon
Thursday, June 24, 2021
11:38 am PDT / 2:38 pm EDT
3 degrees Capricorn / Cancer

This Capricorn Full Moon has some very distinct features to it, as this Saturn-ruled Moon is amplified by Jupiter in Pisces, bringing a strange, transcendental quality to the Earth-bound Capricorn Moon.

There's a paradox of freedom and responsibility, and in fact the more we take responsibility for our lives the more freedom we can enjoy. Sometimes this means saying no to something that is no longer acceptable so that we can move toward greater opportunity.

One of this morning's news headlines was of the mass exodus of retail workers leaving low-wage jobs in order to pursue higher-paying jobs with greater benefits or those that provided a better quality of life. In practice, I've often seen aspects with the Sun and Jupiter to be a time when one's self-belief grows greater than their restrictive circumstances, often a job or relationship. Jupiter opens the door to the next great adventure.

The Moon is considered debilitated in Capricorn, the opposite sign from it's home of Cancer. And while Cancer evokes the emotional desires for comfort, security and nurturance, the Capricorn Moon can provide the emotional fortitude to shoulder burdens and responsibilities.

However, sometimes those burdens reach a breaking point. Mars in Leo is aligning in an opposition with Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, bolstering the courage to stand up against authority and that which is restricting our full expression. If Cancer is the inner child, Capricorn is the inner parent.

Much of the world is riveted by Britney Spears' account of her overly controlling conservatorship that is even restricting her ability to have children of her own free will. The Capricorn Full Moon often brings to light abuses of authority, while Britney herself embodies the courageous Mars in Leo. I especially loved her confident declaration, more than once that, "I'm great at what I do." I can't help but think that #FreeBritney movement is bolstered by the Sun-Jupiter Water Trine, which tugs at the heartstrings yet has the hope for freedom.

Another powerful instance of a woman taking a stand against personal injustice is Nikole Hannah-Jones, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of the 1619 Project who had been refused tenure at UNC by the board of trustees for political reasons. In a bold Mars in Leo-like move she has said she won't accept any "inferior terms of employment... without the protection and security of tenure." Protection and security are very much Cancer themes, while insisting on the respect she has earned is Capricorn in action.

These are only a few examples of how this Capricorn Full Moon can inspire us all to stand for ourselves and have the self-respect to draw a line in the sand against what is unacceptable to us. Now is the time to take on the personal responsibility to be the authors of our own destiny.

Full Moon Blessings,
Christina Caudill


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