Cancer New Moon | Filling the Void

Uncategorized Jun 29, 2022

Last night's New Moon implants the seed that sets the tone for the lunation cycle now beginning in the Moon's home sign of Cancer. The Water sign of Cancer seeks to give and receive nurturance, emotional security and intuitive connection. Themes of home, family, mothers/mothering, the womb and ancestry are Cancer's realm.

The Balsamic days leading up to the New Moon seemed especially dark and strange, as Neptune, planet of illusion was stationing retrograde creating a sense of void, washing away dreams and fantasies. As the veil of illusion lifts, we may see how we've been deluding ourselves with a false sense of security - yet clarity is always a gift worth our awareness.

A square from Jupiter in Aries to the New Moon is eager to fill the void with fiery enthusiasm and outrageous hope. Venus in Gemini is sextile Jupiter offering sweet words of encouragement or escapist pleasures. The flexibility of minds and hearts of Venus and Mercury in Gemini can be especially helpful with so much intensity building in the coming days.

Possibly one of the most disturbing aspects at this New Moon is that it's conjunct Black Moon Lilith. The Black Moon is the Moon's apogee which is the furthest in its orbit, suggesting emotional extremes. As the mythology of Lilith tells us, there is power in emotional expression, as well as dangers. So much of the abortion chaos is reflected in the mythology of Lilith, as she was known to steal - and possibly kill - babies. Her mythology is complicated and often contradictory, but in delineation, I often see transits of BML correlate to some type of rejection and ensuing meltdown.

Lilith was the original empowered woman who refused to be subjugated to Adam. Rather than be mounted by him, she exiled herself from the Garden of Eden in order to be liberated and maintain her personal autonomy. What sacred refusal is emerging in your life now? What is calling for a rejection of oppression and an alignment to autonomy?

The heat will be turned up this weekend as Mars in Aries squares Pluto rx in Capricorn, exact July 1st. The passionate drive to achieve runs into an immovable object or a monumental obstacle. Such aspects call for the conscious direction of the intense energy to transmute destruction into creation. Mars will be on the anaretic degree of 29 Aries on July 4th - the same degree it was on during the storming of the US Capitol - which makes one wonder what kind of fireworks are in store for Independence Day.

All of this cosmic intensity calls for a return to the Cancer archetype of nurturing our hearts and what is most precious. Returning to our own sacred space and womb-like comforts can be deeply healing medicine. Fill your own void with nourishing self-care.

Stay safe, and wishing you a blessed holiday weekend!

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