Aries Full Moon + Chiron | Healing in the Fire

Uncategorized Oct 07, 2022

Aries Full Moon
October 9, 2022
1:54 PM PDT / 4:54 PM EDT
16 degrees Aries/Libra

Pluto is stationary in Capricorn, preparing to turn direct after 5 months deep in retrograde motion. As Pluto emerges from the unconscious, an intensification of feelings of powerlessness and empowerment reverberate through the collective. Pluto symbolizes the hidden realm of secrets, suppressed material as well as the ancestral threads that connect us to our familial soul DNA. It's yet again square to vengeful Eris, highlighting the reactionary struggle against patriarchal suppression.

The Full Moon in warrior Aries amplifies the instinct of courage, adventure and impatient impulses. Chiron the Wounded Healer is conjoined to the Full Moon, highlighting vulnerabilities, shame and wounds - both emotional and physical. It can be an especially heated time as emotions erupt, however, Saturn is aspecting both Sun and Moon and offering a steadying hand to temper the flares.

The other side of Chiron is the Maverick who blazes their own trail and finds a unique way to thrive and adapt to challenging circumstances. The path of Chiron is a journey toward our humanity and humility, which is most present when we are humbled as Chiron was from the sense of invincibility.

Mars, considered the lower octave of Pluto and ruler of the Aries Full Moon is in shifty Gemini which can activate a multitude of impulses. As Mars is coming to square Neptune, it can be a challenge to tackle issues head-on in a clear, direct manner. We may exhaust ourselves in irritating conflicts where clarity is lacking or in paranoid delusions.

Venus is in her rulership in Libra and conjunct the Sun, opposite the Moon, suggesting we may strive for connection and equality yet heated emotions and survival instinct may make the process especially tricky. Both Venus and the Moon are associated with women, the feminine and satisfaction and while they are at odds, we are challenged to find balance between the needs of the instinctive self and being in right relationship with others and what we value. May you find healing and authenticity in the Full Moon fire.

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