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Uncategorized Aug 21, 2021

Aquarius Full Moon
August 22, 2021
5:01 am PDT / 8:01 am EDT
29 Aquarius / Leo

Tomorrow's Aquarius Full Moon is at the final critical degree of the Aquarius-Leo axis. 29 degrees suggests an urgency, which may present an important decision, a last straw or a point of no return. 

The shattering of societal norms and structures of the Saturn-Uranus square is also ignited at this time, with Uranus recently stationing retrograde in Taurus. The pandemic has made us acutely aware of our survival needs but equally conscious of what it means to really live and the priorities we create our life and world around.

The previous Aquarius Full Moon on July 23 was at 1 degree of Aquarius and fell between Saturn and Pluto. This was also the area of the zodiac of the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction at the Winter Solstice, suggesting a sense of great potential, but one that requires an innovative vision and sustained effort.

At this Blue Moon, the second Full Moon in a row in the same sign, we have an opportunity for a maturity of experience in the Aquarian archetype of visionary expansion and collective consciousness. 

The Full Moon will align with abundant, future-oriented Jupiter and we may sense the urgent call to spread our wings, share the wealth and follow our bliss.

And while these Fixed signs of Aquarius, Leo and Taurus don't tend to give in easily to capriciousness, it's likely that a new pathway to freedom and evolution has been beckoning for quite some time. 

It's been said that "hope is not a strategy" but in this case, hope can be the wind beneath our wings.


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