Soul Alignment Intensive

A 90 Day 1:1 Transformational Program to Achieve Your Soul's Calling

Personalized Astrology + Transformational Coaching in a 90 Day Intensive

In this special astrological coaching series, we'll explore your Soul's Calling. Together, we'll collaborate to clarify your inner vision and clear the shadows on the path. You'll take inspired action toward meaningful achievement on your Soul's desires.


Meet Your Guide

There's no greater satisfaction than achieving what was born from your Soul's calling.

― Christina Caudill

Since 2013, Christina Caudill has worked with hundreds of clients to help them live more empowered and meaningful lives.

As an Evolutionary Astrologer and Certified Holistic Life Coach, she guides clients through periods of transformation toward gaining clarity on their life purpose, cultivating inner wisdom and accessing their personal power in alignment with their unique destiny. By fusing the practical and the mystical, life expands in miraculous ways.

Her teachings are informed by insights gleaned from Evolutionary Astrology, Jungian depth psychology, shamanic practices (Alberto Villoldo), past life healing (Roxanne Lowery, Reunion Therapy) and ancestral medicine (Sobonfu Some, Daniel Foor). 

In 90 Days, You'll Gain Clarity On:

Your Path of Destiny

Your Soul's Calling

Healing Your Shadows

This program is for you if...

  • You're eager to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

  • You have a burning passion to achieve more but lack the consistent focus and inspiration to make progress

  • You want to make the most of the rest of 2021 and need accountability and guidance to reach your goals.

  • You're seeking greater clarity if you're on the right path and how to get out of your own way to live your best life.

Client Testimonials

"I received clarity and focus in areas that were hazy for me along with validation on things I intuited. Your reading gave me strength and encouragement. It was warmly delivered, I felt like a friend was speaking to me. It's very clear that you put time and care into your readings. You are wonderful!"

Sandie Gates

"I highly recommend Christina's services to help reconnect you to your soul's truth. I have long felt these nudges to go deeper but had been afraid for fear of what I might find there - and now I see it has all been powerfully healing. What I most appreciated was Christina's calming presence and the way in which she delivered her immense knowledge, interlaced with softness and intuition."

Elsa Perez Dean

"Such graceful, careful, loving reading. Accurate and insightful. I felt deeply understood without being judged. I was crying half way through reading the interpretation of the card, it was so spot on. Amazing, how much information you've extracted from the chart in such a short time! "

Natalia Manolova

"It was slightly unnerving to have someone see my personality and soul so effortlessly - but Christina didn't ever act judgemental. I would recommend Christina because I have followed her for years and gravitate to her style that is both caring and fierce, that is deeply knowledgeable yet curious. "

Kirsten Harris
November 2020

"I really appreciated the space Christina created that felt safe for opening up with some of my most sensitive inquiries. The session felt grounded in sincerity and authenticity, and Christina brings genuine warmth and compassion to her sessions. She gives client inquiries the respect and reverence they deserve."

Lawrence Sanchez

Your 90-Day Soul Alignment Intensive Includes:

6, 1-on-1 Zoom Sessions

Every 2 weeks, we'll meet for an hour on Zoom to gain clarity on your goals and create a plan of inspired action.

Weekly Email Check-Ins

Each week, you'll receive email guidance to keep to on track with your self-awareness journey to keep you inspired and focused on your vision.

PDF Progress Guidebook

Your Guidebook will provide specific touchstones for the 90 day journey for deeper self-reflection and high impact guidance.

Your Astrology Destiny Audio Reading

Once you've enrolled and completed your brief questionnaire, you'll receive an audio reading of your Natal Chart with a special focus on your Soul's Destiny.

PDF Soul Alignment Guidebook

This Guidebook will take you through the 6 Phases of the Soul Alignment Journey. Through suggested reflections and exercises, it will provide guidance and keep you focused on your Soul's desires and priorities.

Astrology Charts

  • Your Natal Chart with keys to your path of destiny in this lifetime as well as areas of growth, challenge and opportunity.
  • Your relevant Solar Return Chart that reveals the most important themes of your year.
  • We'll look at your Progressed Chart for insight into the quality of your self-actualization.

Your Path of Soul Alignment

6 Bi-weekly 1:1 Zoom Calls to guide you from Curiosity to Empowered Clarity

Session 1 | Callings

There are many directions you may be pulled into, but a calling aligns you with your unique destiny and brings forth your best. We'll look at your horoscope to explore which areas at this time in your life are calling for your focus and attention right now.

Session 2 | Shadows

We all have things that stand in our way of our fullest expression. In this session, we'll bring the light of consciousness to heal the shadows that keep you from accessing your inner radiance.

Session 3 | Destiny

As Jung said, we never solve our problems - but we can outgrow them. We'll explore what inspires your Soul so that you can rise to new heights, beyond the old patterns and stories.

Session 4 | Clarity

When you align your life's priorities with your values, you gain clarity. From here, you can take empowered action toward goals that are truly fulfilling. We'll get clear on what needs your attention now and ways in which to move forward with empowerment.

Session 5 | Trust

Self-trust is the foundation of empowerment. In this session, you'll befriend your inner wisdom and learn to listen to and trust the powerful guidance that exists within.

Session 6 | Realization

In this final session, you'll make commitments to yourself that honor your Soul's intention and the path that aligns your daily life with the amplification of your Soul in the world. You'll celebrate your achievements and those to come.

Special Bonuses

Magic of I Journal 

As a special gift and to help you gain clarity on your inner wisdom, you'll receive a beautiful Magic of I journal with a vegan leather cover and imbued with magic and intention.

Bonus Video Teaching:
Pluto, Intimacy with the Soul

In this video lesson on Pluto, we explore the inner depths found through Pluto experiences of initiation, metamorphosis and merging the self and Soul. This teaching provides the foundational insights for any journey toward self-awareness and empowerment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you purchase your reading, you'll receive and email with a link to submit your birth information in the Intake Form as well as a Bonus Pluto webinar to watch while you wait for your enrollment to be processed.

Please check your Promotions, Spam or Trash folders if you have trouble finding the welcome email.

Once your Intake Form is submitted, your individualized reading will be emailed to you in 2-5 business days. 

You'll be asked for a specific day and time for your bi-weekly Zoom sessions. We'll follow up with you to confirm the dates and times of your sessions.

While this program uses astrology as one of the tools for personal development, we can accommodate all levels of astrology knowledge.

What's most important is that you bring an eagerness and curiosity to become more attuned to your Soul's desires. 

For this particular reading, while birth time is preferred, we can still do a reading without birth time if necessary.

It is always best to have your birth time in order to cast your natal chart for a complete picture of your horoscope. Please check your birth certificate, if possible.

If you do not have an accurate birth time I will cast a solar chart, with the Sun on the AC. I find Solar houses to have a certain amount of accuracy. However, other factors such as the Angles and possibly the Moon will be unknown. 

You will have up to 48 hours from enrolling to request a full refund. After that time, the refund period ends and no refunds will be granted. 

Once you have completed your Intake Form, you'll be contacted about scheduling your first Zoom session. Zoom sessions will follow every other week, on the same day and time for consistency.

The initial session will begin the first week of August. Prior to your session, you'll be given your audio reading, PDF Progress Book and Pluto video in preparation for your individualized journey. 

Enrollment ends Friday, July 23.

If you are considering joining this program, please email me your specific questions at christina.caudill at gmail.

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