Lunar Node Destiny Readings

Gain insight on your unique cosmic destiny with this limited time reading. Available until July 27.

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Gain profound insight on your soul's purpose through an awareness of your Lunar Nodes

We all have a unique destiny to fulfill and with the insight of astrology we can align our inner knowing with the wisdom of the cosmos.

Gain cosmic insight

Each reading is a personalized analysis of your unique natal signatures and will include:

Lunar Nodes

Known as the Axis of Destiny, understanding the South Node and North Node pathway can bring profound insight on the soul's intentions.

Rulers of the Nodes

The planets who rule the Lunar Nodes act as guides through life along your evolutionary adventure. We'll explore how they can be helpful to manifest your soul's intentions.

Transits of the Nodes

As the Lunar Nodes move through the skies, we have periods of re-alignment that are significant in deciding how our evolutionary adventure will unfold.

What You'll Receive

Audio recorded reading:

  • I'll offer an overview of your Natal Chart and the¬†signatures that have special significance for you at this stage in your life's journey.
  • We'll delve into your¬†Natal¬†Lunar Nodes and their messages about your¬†soul's evolutionary journey including past karma and evolutionary growth.¬†
  • We'll look at the Rulers to your Lunar Nodes as emissaries to activate your evolutionary adventure throughout life.
  • I'll explore the transiting Lunar Nodes as well as another other significant transits to your Natal Nodes that may have some special significants in the coming months.

Deluxe Package Also Includes

PDF Guidebook

  • You'll receive a PDF booklet including notes from your audio reading so that you can refer back to¬†the insights and astrological aspects.¬†
  • To deepen your personal journey, I'll offer significant dates to reflect on - as the¬†transits continue to¬†activate your natal chart over time. An understanding the past is the key to gaining wisdom for the future.
  • I'll offer¬†deep insights and questions to meditate on and journal about¬†to bring the transformative experiences to your conscious mind.

Natal Chart w/ significant transits

  • You'll receive a copy of your Natal Chart with upcoming transits that are of special importance.
  • You'll be able to see visually how the eclipses will activate your natal planets and points so that you can follow along with my audio interpretations.

Bonus Oracle Card Reading 

The Oracle taps into Universal wisdom via an image that speaks to the unconscious and the higher mind. It provides a vision that brings forth messages from the Soul to transform it into guidance for the conscious mind. Using the Shaman's Dream Oracle, you'll access mystical insight to guide your journey forward.

Special Bonus: GPS to Destiny
webinar on the Lunar Nodes
available upon purchase
($27 value) 

In this introductory seminar, we'll explore the fascinating technique of illuminating the soul's desires, awakening to a destiny and following a calling guided by the Lunar Nodes.

You'll learn:
- What the Lunar Nodes are and how they symbolize past karma and future potential.
- How they are connected to our Moon-level intuition and emotional needs.
- The soul's desires for transformation and evolution in alignment with a unique purpose.
- How the Lunar Nodes can be like a 'GPS Navigation' along your soul's evolutionary adventure.

Client Testimonials

"You always give so much more than what is advertised. You go above and beyond. I really enjoy these offerings and learn so much each time! I laughed, I got a little teary eyed, I got some clarity. The reading totally resonated with me and felt like it explained so much about the current state of things in my life!  Thank you!"
-C. M., March 2024

"Wow! What a beautiful, validating reading. I really love how you offered such unique, yet specific reading... 
it was VERY validating to hear... Thank you for your hard work and care in the reading."
- D. L., March 2024

"I highly recommend Christina's services to help reconnect you to your soul's truth. I have long felt these nudges to go deeper but had been afraid for fear of what I might find there - and now I see it has all been powerfully healing. What I most appreciated was Christina's calming presence and the way in which she delivered her immense knowledge, interlaced with softness and intuition."
- Elsa Perez Dean

"Such graceful, careful, loving reading. Accurate and insightful. I felt deeply understood without being judged. I was crying half way through reading the interpretation of the card, it was so spot on.  Amazing, how much information you've extracted from the chart in such a short time!"
- Natalie Manolova 

"I received clarity and focus in areas that were hazy for me along with validation on things I intuited. Your reading gave me strength and encouragement. It was warmly delivered, I felt like a friend was speaking to me.  It's very clear that you put time and care into your readings. You are wonderful!"
- Sandie Gates

Your Astrologer

Christina Caudill is an evolutionary astrologer, teacher, past life facilitator and Soul Empowerment Guide. She guides clients through periods of transformation toward gaining clarity on their life purpose, cultivating inner wisdom and accessing their personal power in alignment with their unique destiny. She is certified in transformational astrology through the Pluto School and is currently undergoing the Advanced Training Certificate in Applied Archetypal Astrology at Pacifica. Her teachings are informed by insights gleaned from shamanic practices (Alberto Villoldo), ancestral medicine (Sobonfu Some, Daniel Foor), co-active coaching (CTI) and Jungian depth psychology. 

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Please allow 5-14 days for email delivery. The sooner you place your order and complete your Intake Form, the sooner you are likely to receive your reading. Offer ends July 27 or until sold out.


  • 30-minute audio reading of your natal Lunar Nodes, aspects to the Nodes, Nodal rulers and significant upcoming transits.
  • PDF booklet of reading notes with significant dates, charts and journal prompts for reflection.
  • BONUS Oracle insight.
  • BONUS¬†GPS to Destiny webinar.


Only 3 Left!

  • 1 hour 1-1 zoom session with Christina on your Lunar Nodes.
  • 30-minute audio reading¬†of your natal Lunar Nodes, aspects to the Nodes, Nodal rulers and significant upcoming transits.
  • PDF booklet¬†of reading notes with significant dates, charts and journal prompts for reflection.
  • BONUS¬†Oracle insight.
  • BONUS¬†GPS to Destiny webinar.

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