Solar Returns Course

A 4-week online course on learning to read
Solar Return Charts
September 1 - 24, 2021


A high-level strategic map for your year

Solar Return Charts are one of the most illuminating astrological tools for forecasting.

Each year at your birthday when the transiting Sun conjoins your Natal Sun, the chart cast for that moment creates a powerful mandala for your future.

Solar Returns allow you to succinctly envision the major themes for your next 12 months. They act as a high-level strategic map for your year ahead.

If you've ever wanted to learn to clearly read Solar Return Charts to preview your year ahead, this 4- week online astrology course will provide you with the skills.

This 4-Week Online Course Includes

Weekly Live Zoom Classes

Each Wednesday, we'll host a live class at 5 pm Pacific / 8 pm Eastern. Class will include approximately 1 hour of teaching and 30 minutes of Q&A.

Homework Assignments

Each week, you'll receive suggestions for homework using your own Solar Return charts to learn greater depth in understanding of SR charts.

Online Community

The discussions will continue in our private Facebook group where you’ll connect with the community, and share your chart explorations.

Course Outline

Live Zoom sessions every Wednesday at 5 pm Pacific / 8 pm Eastern.

Week 1 | Solar Return Fundamentals

This week we will introduce students to the technique of Solar Returns and provide an outline of what to expect over the next four weeks. We will start to orientate around a Solar Return chart and build some basic foundations for interpretation.

  • Historical & philosophical considerations
  • How to use the Solar Return chart
  • Setting up the chart
  • General interpretive principles

Week 2 | Combining Solar Returns + Natal Charts

Now that we understand the foundations of the Solar Returns chart, we will start to focus on connecting the Solar Returns chart to the Natal Chart to pinpoint the personal themes for the year.

  • Topical analysis through houses
  • Introduction to Annual Profections
  • Using Annual Profections with Solar Returns

Session 3 | Solar Returns Over Multiple Years

For the third week, we will start to explore the Solar Return chart over multiple years to observe the patterns that form over the lifetime and discuss the purpose of analysing Solar Return charts in this way.

  • Interpreting patterns and repetitions
  • Planetary returns
  • Lifetime analysis

Session 4 | Summary + Integration

This week, we’ll bring everything we’ve learned together to consolidate our practice of Solar Returns. Using example charts we will work through the considerations as we summarise the key learnings of the program.

  • Concepts to help you “eyeball the chart”
  • Case studies
  • Student examples

Solar Returns Webinar Clip

In this clip from our recent webinar, Shu Yap explains the value of learning to read your own Solar Return Chart.

Your Instructor

Shu Yap is a consulting astrologer, teacher and writer from Central Victoria, Australia on Dja Dja Wurrung Country. For the past 20 years, Shu has been a dedicated student of astrology and has been certified at the Melbourne School of Astrology and the School of Traditional Astrology in Horary and Traditional Medical Astrology.


Shu is a professional consulting astrologer with a deep interest in Hermetic philosophy and praxis. Her practice focuses on traditional techniques for chart interpretation work, including the use of Solar Revolutions which is fundamental to her forecasting repertoire. Shu incorporates teachings of Solar Revolutions from teachers including Dr. J.Lee Lehman, Eve Dembowski, Mari Garcia as well as the recently translated Arabic text of Abu Ma'shar (Dykes).


Shu is committed to ongoing research into traditional techniques in chart analysis, prediction, electional astrology, horary, magic and the intersection between astrology, art, alchemy and agriculture. She incorporates astrological praxis into her off-grid lifestyle as an organic grower, beekeeper, artist and mother of three.


Christina Caudill is the Course Administrator for this program. She is an evolutionary astrologer, transformation coach and past life facilitator. She guides clients through periods of transformation toward gaining clarity on their life's purpose, cultivating inner wisdom and accessing their personal power in alignment with their unique destiny. Christina is trained in Co-Active Coaching through CTI; transformational astrology through the Pluto School; ancestral medicine via Sobonfu Some and Dr. Daniel Foor; and received her shamanic rites through the Four Winds Society.

Christina owns and operates Radiant Astrology, hosts the Radiant Astrology Podcast on iTunes and contributes to the Organization of Professional Astrology (OPA) Magazine. She has produced and hosted several online astrology summits including the recent highly successful 2021 Astrology of Awakening II: Renewal of Hope.


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