DAY 1 | Thursday, April 15

Opening + Invocation
9 am PDT / Noon EDT

Join your co-hosts Christina Caudill, mizChartreuse and Melissa LaFara as we open the summit with an invocation and explore the alignments of the planets which support our collective consciousness and higher learning.  We'll provide an overview of what to expect over the next 4 days and share our suggestions on how to get the most out of the summit.



10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT
90 min

Awakening to Responsibility

At the U.S. Inauguration, Senator Amy Klobuchar stated that the January 6 insurrection “awakened us to our responsibility as Americans.” This statement reflects the archetypal principles of our current Saturn-Uranus square, in alignment from 2020 through 2023. Saturn is the principle of responsibility, commitment, discipline and order, but also of restriction, imprisonment, and authority; Uranus symbolizes freedom, rebellion, and liberation, as well as awakening and revelation. History demonstrates that these two contradictory archetypal principles create a zeitgeist in which sudden and unexpected crises can initiate the breakdown of traditional or oppressive structures, with the potential to bring revolutionary change into concrete structural form.

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"Iridescent Infinity: Participatory Theory and Archetypal Cosmology." This article, from Issue 5 of Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology, explores the spiritual implications of astrology from the perspective of what is known in the field of transpersonal studies as "participatory theory." The essay lays out how astrology can be a spiritual discipline and a spiritual way of knowing, and explores the metaphysics of an archetypal perspective.

 Becca Tarnas, PhD is a scholar, artist, and editor of Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology. She received her doctorate in Philosophy and Religion from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), with her dissertation titled The Back of Beyond: The Red Books of C.G. Jung and J.R.R. Tolkien. Her research interests include depth psychology, literature, philosophy, and the ecological imagination. She teaches at both Pacifica Graduate Institute and CIIS, and is author of the book Journey to the Imaginal Realm. Becca lives in Nevada City, California, where she has an astrological counseling practice.


Noon PDT / 3 pm EDT

Faith Leads To Hope: Jupiter’s Journey Through Aquarius & Pisces

If we do not have faith, there is no hope. Jupiter, the planet of faith and optimism, helps us to believe that something good is around the corner as we dance through life’s ever-changing landscape. In this talk, we will dive into Jupiter’s back and forth tour in the fixed airs of Aquarius and the mutable waters of Pisces and how this in and out movement can embody us with the faith necessary to have hope for a better future ahead.

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Turning the Wheel: A Jupiterian Tarot Journey. In this bonus, you will be prompted through journaling exercises, using the tarot or oracle cards, to help you get closer to your natal Jupiter signature and how Jupiter in Aquarius and Pisces add to the next stage of your growth unfolding.

Melissa LaFara is an astrologer, tarot consultant, and ‘all-around creative’ from sunny San Diego, CA. Traveling the celestial path since 2009, she specializes in forecast astrology and the nature of celestial timing. Practicing a blend of traditional and modern astrology, she focuses on helping others find purpose and meaning through internal directives and external events. Host of the Energetic Principles podcast, she has a passion for giving back to the astrological community and educating the public in the process. When her head is not in the stars, she is composing, performing, and engineering beautiful music.


1:30 pm PDT / 4:30 pm EDT

The Nodes of Destiny: Your Spiritual Revolution

We know the Aquarian Revolution is upon us...but where do we fit in beyond the physical realm? By empowering ourselves with insights around the North/South nodes in our charts, we can add a layer of inner-standing to all that we do. It's possible (and even likely) that many of us arrived into this time-space-reality for this very moment in history, to participate in the shift we are having as a humanity- for growth and progress. In short, our Soul's came here with intention, and we can dive deeper into that when we look at the Nodes. This is so helpful to anyone on the path who seeks ancestral or spiritual connection during these times. We are passionate about activism and moving forward as a Collective, and now its time to add in our "soul-story"... as told by the North/South nodes in our charts. 

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"Self Soothing through the Elements" is a downloadable guide that will connect you to the four foundational elements of Astrology: Fire, Earth, Air & Water. As we continue to move through personal and Collective shifting, the ability to self soothe has become incredibly valuable... especially when it correlates to our own personal Astrology! With tips, methods, and techniques for all 12 signs, you can work with the elements as a form of self-care as you continue to explore your cosmic journey!

Raquel Reyes (she/her) is a cis-gendered, Professional Consulting Astrologer, Mentor, and Content Creator. Her Astrological teachings center on empowerment, possibility, and expansion. With a core value of uplifting those who also identify as bbipoc/system impacted, she draws upon her own Mayan ancestry and 14 years of study to activate and inspire the Collective toward soulful progressive change and shared greatness. Personal freedom and healing are deeply woven into her astro-philosophy through a decolonized, trauma-informed lens. At the intersection of Traditional/Modern Astrology and Activism, you'll find what Raquel refers to as, "Revolutionary Astrology." Her points of interest also include the occult, spiritual studies, tarot, psychology, community building, animals, and of course, writing!


3 pm PDT / 6 pm EDT

Activating Your Aspects of Resilience

In this webinar, we'll focus on strategies for identifying the strengths in your chart that are supportive of strength of heart. Our squares and oppositions tell a story of resilience. Our trines and sextiles offer us opportunities for harmonious growth. When we see the relationships between our planets, we can more fully appreciate the internal relationships we have with ourselves. We'll look at how to align intentionally with aspect patterns and archetypes of courage already held within, and how to activate them authentically.

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Finding Resilience - Journaling + Meditation Guide. This journaling meditation guide invites further self-awareness by offering a questioning process for use when working through life's challenges. Sitting with our chart, we can look into our patterns intellectually as well as intuitively. With this balanced process we can connect with greater internal clarity - honoring where we are, and where we'd like to go next.

Nura Rachelle is a professional astrologer who draws from many knowledge branches including evolutionary, esoteric and traditional western astrology for deepening self-awareness. She integrates herbalism, wellness practices and intuitive skill-building in her counseling and educational work. Embodiment of purpose and everyday soul realization is at the core of Nura’s offerings, and her focus on simplicity of daily ritual grounds cosmic wisdom in clarity of action.


4:30 pm PDT / 7:30 pm EDT

Mastering your Money Mindset: How Astrology Can Guide You to More Abundance

One thing we can count on is change, and with Uranus in Taurus, we could see shifts in our financial systems. Our collective money mindset is under construction, and you could find new opportunities for attracting more abundance into your life. When you understand your chart and learn how to work with astrological timing, you can create more security for yourself. This talk will show you how to use your chart to optimize astrological timing to meet your financial goals. When to invest, when to take a risk, and when to cut back and save. We’ll also talk about astrological signatures of financial stress so you can move through them with greater ease.

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Guided Abundance Meditation audio. This meditation will help you uncover and clear anything hidden in your subconscious mind keeping you from experiencing abundance in your life. With sound healing frequencies and gentle music composed by Rachel Lang, this meditation will free you to be a magnet for positive experiences in abundance, success, and love.

Rachel Lang is a professional astrologer and psychic medium who works with a variety of clients. Rachel writes a monthly horoscope column for the Omega News and LVBX Magazine. She contributes to a variety of publications, including Bustle, Well+Good, Romper, and more. Rachel offers classes, lectures, and workshops. She serves as the Vice President of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) and is the Outreach Director for the international board of the NCGR.


DAY 2 | Friday, April 16

9 am PDT / Noon EDT

Uranus-Saturn Square: Radicalizing and Restructuring Our Lives 

As Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus engage in a square throughout 2021, we're challenged to look deep into our lives at the fixed ideas, answers, structures, and habits that have sustained us for so long. The structures of our lives are pushed to change via the uprooting process of this electric aspect. The change we make will radically reshape the present and future we create for ourselves and our lives. Journey with me to discuss where our gardens are being uprooted and restructured.

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2021 VIBE PLAYLIST for you to jam with all year! Enjoy taking time to just engage and channel the vibe of each sign and element in this totally inspired musical arrangement.

Stormie Grace, PhD is a practicing Astrologer at Stormie Grace and houses her own show on Youtube producing learning, weekly, monthly, and yearly content. Practicing in Colorado and around the globe since 2014. Holding a Doctorate of Business enables her to apply those skills to business and mundane astrology, as well as personal chart work. She specializes in teaching groups, one on one sessions, and personal readings. Under the study of Steven Forrest and with guidance of other Astrology mentors, she continues to expand the astrology skills and practice in Evolutionary Astrology. A Member of OPA, AYA, ISAR, NCGR, Steering Committee Member for AFAN, contributor to Astrologyhub.com, Midheaven Magazine, and faculty member for the Portland School of Astrology.


10:30 am PDT / 1:30 pm EDT

Awakening to a Gift Economy: The Saturn-Uranus Squares

Our Aquarian future promises a renaissance of Community ... and real Community is a Gift Economy. Uranus in Taurus has already brought shockwaves and challenges to many of the bedrock economic assumptions that shape our world. Now with Saturn in Aquarius squaring, we face increasing pressure to reckon with our global economic systems and make the innovative changes needed to secure a viable - and beautiful - future for the generations to come. This is where Gift Economics comes in, and is already returning; a new - and ancient - paradigm as to everything we create for and offer to one another in this great human family. Together, we'll explore: - What a Gift Economy is, and what it means to ‘live in the Gift’ - How the Saturn-Uranus square of 2021-22 can awaken us to a New Earth Economics - What the Neptune in Pisces transit has to do with this (hint: everything!)

 We'll conclude with a Guided Visualisation: 'Remembering the Gift: Living the Bridge to a New Earth'

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Early Access to 'The Sacred Society Podcast', with Episode 1 - 'Our Sacred Ground: Awakening to Our Values.' The Sacred Society Podcast is hosted by Georgia Takacs & Camille Mucino.  It is a podcast intended to uplift the awareness and understanding of this great 'Age of Transition' - toward a new human society and a new experience of being alive.  To unite, inspire, and support an awakening global community; one that is empowered by truth and devoted to the birthing of A New Story.

Georgia Takacs is a Sacred Activist and Evolutionary Astrologer, practicing Sacred Astrology. She is currently based in Cambridge UK and works 'in the Gift' in client consultations, for which is a strong advocate. She is also an advocate for Sacred Economics more widely, Deep Adaptation, healing shame, and the importance of indigenous culture and wisdom in humanity's way onward.


Noon PDT / 3 pm EDT

Reframing the 6th house: A Site of Solidarity

Astrologers from the Hellenistic Era have called the 6th house the house of "Bad Fortune". In this presentation we go through what the 6th house is, what the 6th house isn't, and how do we understand the significators in that house without spelling doom and gloom for our clients. Tips for remediation and chart examples will be included with the presentation.

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The 6th house Uncensored - If the 6th is between the 5th house of sex and procreation, and the 7th house of relationships, what can this cadent house do for us regarding sexuality?

Alyssia Osorio is the astrologer behind Praxis Astrology, combining theory, intuition, and practice towards collective liberation. Studying astrology reinforced truths about the world that I knew through organizing. That the way capitalism has organized our lives is completely unsustainable, that people suffer greatly under systems of oppression, that people need more than just their material needs met, they need access to healing too. I grew exponentially as an organizer when I developed this part of myself. I want to share my astro knowledge, especially with organizers and other folks fighting on the frontlines against oppression. Additionally, I’m in the process of developing my astrological skills in order to be a more effective healer. 


1:30 pm PDT / 4:30 pm EDT

Fate: Sublime Misery or Divine Comedy?

Astrology can often be conceptually grim or ephemeral in its fabulosity. In this talk, we'll explore how to integrate a lighter perspective into astrology interpretations. This presentation will focus on the Jungian archetypal relationships across astrology and Greco-Roman mythology, specifically looking at the Mercury and Jupiter archetypes as represented by Hermes, the trickster child of Zeus. Let's weave a sense of humor into your astrological practice!

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The 5 Aspects Of Your Ultimate Becoming exclusive podcast episode, collaboration with Melissa LaFara. Behind The Scenes Astrology Conversation where we delve into significant astrological transits of - Jupiter Return - Nodal Return - Saturn Return - Neptune Square - Uranus Opposition

Nissa Liu is a counseling astrologer, content creator, and keynote speaker who finds passion in the transcendent power of storytelling and the spectrum of the human experience explored through the languages of astrology, symbology, and mythological archetypes. Born in Indonesia, the former wine Sommelier spent her formative years living in Paris, and later earned her BFA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where she currently lives. It was in the city by the bay where she began crafting her beloved art of chart interpretation, which she has weaved into all her studies, teachings, and private practice.


3 pm PDT / 6 pm EDT

Herbal Support for the Lunar Nodes

This webinar will explore how using herbs to support nodal placements in the birth chart can support and deepen understanding of how to benefit from the nodal story in the individual birth chart. I will open with an overview of the 6 nodal pairings and then discuss each in relation to a specific herb that can heal and activate this nodal pairing. I will talk about how the properties of the herb and knowing about them can add layers of profound insight into the inner workings of the nodes.

All-Access Pass Bonus

Herbal Allies for Nodal Healing PDF for each of the 12 Zodiac signs to support your natal Nodal placement with herbs.

Fern Vuchinich has been practicing earth-based pagan traditions since 1990 and have received advanced training and degrees in many modalities of healing including: acupressure, herbs, essential oils, energy healing, flower essences and massage (Thai, Shiatsu, Ayurvedic and Swedish) from the Mckinnon Body Therapy Center and received my certification as an herbalist at the California School of Herbal Studies. My writing has appeared in The Mountain Astrologer, The Llewellyn Books Annuals, Well Being Magazine and Organic Spa Magazine. I have an M.A. from Sonoma State University and have been certified by Steven Forest as a Master Astrologer. I’m also a founding partner in Galaxy Girls Events and A Fool’s Journey Retreat.


4:30 pm PDT / 7:30 pm EDT

Inner Workings of Transmutation - Venus Becoming Evening Star

Within the narrative of the outer planets this year, Venus is subtly transmuting from morning star to evening star, completing her 584-day cycle. Ancient civilizations followed the influences of Venus to guide society in ways that honor the feminine principles of connection, beauty, reconciliation and productivity. The Venus evening star phase of 2021 can provide an archetypal lens to support the workings of larger planetary cycles. By observing her in the sky and communing with this beauty, we can tap into our personal contribution to these changing times.

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Venus Cycle Chart - An infographic mapping out the significant dates of the current Venus cycle to support you with your Venus-based rituals, practices and sky observations.

Shu Yap is a consulting astrologer, teacher and writer from Central Victoria, Australia on Dja Dja Wurrung Country. For Shu, astrology is a way of life, not just a livelihood. Her practice influences every aspect of her life as a grower, beekeeper, artist, mother of three, owner builder, off-grid homesteader and custodian of 80 acres of bushland. Inspired by the Hermetic philosophy, Shu practices traditional astrology; is a student of alchemy; and embodies a sky-centred approach to her art. Somewhat a solitary scholar, Shu has been certified at the Melbourne School of Astrology and the School of Traditional Astrology in Horary and Traditional Medical Astrology.


DAY 3 | Saturday, April 17

9 am PDT / Noon EDT

A Human Approach to Essential Dignity

How many times have you heard someone say your planet is "bad" because it is in the "wrong" sign? Let's take the stinger out of this facet of traditional astrology. In this talk, Dr. Jenn will share a nuanced view of the traditional essential dignity scheme that will empower ALL of your planets to understand their role and function in the landscape of the zodiac, for ALL placements. Rather than simply wishing we had someone else's dignified planet, we can learn just how to love the ones we got. You will leave this talk seeing your own chart (and your clients' charts!) in entirely new ways.

All-Access Pass Bonus

Thirty-Six Ways to Enhance your Predictive Precision. Drill down to a whole new level of chart analysis. In this jam-packed PDF, Dr Zahrt breaks down the essential dignity known as “triplicity” and shows you how to use it to enhance your understanding of a chart 36-fold. Once you start using the techniques presented here, you’ll become more addicted than ever to the beauty of astrology’s precision.

Jenn Zahrt, PhD is an author, publisher, artist, poet, and teacher of cultural astronomy and astrology, who has been practicing astrology since 1998. As a postdoctoral research fellow at the Sophia Centre (UWTSD), she researches astrology throughout human culture, with an emphasis on early 20th-century Germany. Zahrt specializes in traditional and modern techniques and locational astrology. She has taught and lectured domestically and in Canada, the UK, and Germany. She currently resides in Olympia, Washington. Her poetry, translations, and edited volumes are available at Revelore Press.


10:30 am PDT / 1:30 pm EDT

Hope in the Dark: Waymaking to the 12th House

The 12th House is traditionally a place of darkness and isolation, and often we feel we're dragged there. But if you could enter this place with intention, what would you find? This talk is meant to help you find the door to your 12th House and your unique key that opens it, helping you discover hope and healing available in the fertile dark. A union of concrete traditional astrology techniques and personal storytelling produces tools of waymaking, empowering us to reconceptualize the 12th House into a source of renewal, hope, and the deep knowing that we are never truly alone.

All-Access Pass Bonus

Your Waymaking Guide to 2021 - This worksheet is your guide to the liminal in 2021, containing rising sign-specific 12th House horoscopes, journal prompts, and affirmations to help you tend the inward-facing parts of your journey this year.

Jo Gleason (she/hers) is an astrologer based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Her studies began with several terms and certificates earned at Kepler College, and led her to a traditional focus studying Hellenistic Astrology with Chris Brennan and Planetary Magic with Austin Coppock. She joined the Association for Young Astrologers board in June 2016 as Social Media Manager, served as Vice President from June 2018 to July 2020, and as interim President from July to December 2020. Jo’s astrology practice is rooted in traditional techniques intended to provide a sound vessel for the holding and channeling of spirit, story, and empowerment.


Noon PDT / 3 pm EDT

Power Planets: Archetypal Astrology and Shamanism

What happens when the esoteric celestial wisdom of high civilization encounters the deep earthly knowing of the indigenous world? Magic is what happens. Astrology and shamanism have long walked parallel paths in the spiritual lives of humans, and yet they have seldom sojourned together. Individually, their potency has proven profoundly transformative. Combined, they inspire metamorphosis on a cosmic scale. This lecture will explore astrology and shamanism—their origins, practices, passions, and strengths. Our journey will uncover the ways in which these wisdom systems can relate to and support one another, and from the horizon of their union we will be able to gaze upon the nebula of our soul.

All-Access Pass Bonus

Persian Conjunctions and the Origins of the Saturn Return; from Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology, Issue 7.

Laura Michetti, Ph.D. is an astrologer, diviner, writer, and teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area. Educated at Kepler College, Pacifica Graduate Institute, and CIIS, Laura’s approach is deeply informed by ancient astrologies from the east and west, depth psychology, and the archetypal tradition. Laura holds a MA in Comparative Mythology and a PhD in Philosophy and Religion. Her dissertation, "The Sámi Shaman Drum," explores indigenous ecology and magic through the lens of the European witchcraft trials. Laura has lectured around the world and her work has been published in Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology. She teaches at the California Institute of Integral Studies and maintains a small, private astrology practice.


1:30 pm PDT / 4:30 pm EDT

Karma and Redemption in the Natal Chart

Part of processing generational trauma involves recognizing when patterns exist that are buried more deeply than the current experience of a well-traveled soul. Many who take on shadow work recognize that blockages extend beyond the reach of our current consciousness. In this talk, I'll explore where to dig into themes in our Natal Charts to reveal karma in our current lives that have been carried over from previous lives and how to begin processing this information as a means to heal that which requires acknowledgment, reconciliation, and integration in order to grow into our full potential within this lifetime.

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Visualize Spring audio hypnosis download. Hypnosis allows us to process deep internal shifts and provides us guidance toward our heart’s desires. In this practice, I will guide us through processing our time in winter, preparing us for our goals and needs as we shift into spring so that we can welcome the equinox with clear eyes and full spirit.

Taylor Ursula is a biracial multimodality channel bridging the tangible and liminal spaces to offer guidance through shadow work and transformative experiences. Using astrology and hypnosis, she leads others through processes of integration and rebirth, facilitating healing across realms.


DAY 4 | Sunday, April 18


9 am PDT / Noon EDT

A New Gender Approach for Astrologers

In the 21st century, as we become increasingly more aware that gender association goes beyond binary terms of stereotypical male and female terms, we need to adapt our language and interpretations of the natal chart. In this presentation, Boaz will speak about the different signs and planetary associations applying to this new gender paradigm, based on thier personal experience working closely with the LGBTQA community. This talk is suited for anyone interested in further exploring these dynamics for personal or client work purposes.

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The Nature of the Uranus Saturn current cycle slide deck. The Uranus-Saturn squares of 2021 and their implications. Learn more about the character of this celestial aspect historically and symbolically.

Nia Fyler is an Evolutionary Astrologer and the Israeli Representative of The Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA) since 2014. Fyler has been conducting Astrology Consultations for more than a decade, they lecture and teach Evolutionary Astrology in Europe and the USA. Fyler’s practice focuses on the soul and the developmental, emotional and spiritual dynamics in a chart. In 2014 they established the YouTube channel: "Evolutionary Astrology Message" where you can learn about current celestial cycles. The Astrology that Nia Boaz does is therapeutic in nature and transformational. Aimed to help us take the next needed step in our personal development over this lifetime. Nia Boaz is proficient in both Modern and Traditional Astrology methods, merging together ancient and Avant Garde astrological analysis techniques.


10:30 am PDT / 1:30 pm EDT

Magic, Ritual, and Holistic Attunement through the Lunar Nodes

In this presentation, we'll explore how Mutable and Fixed element energy can be tapped into for magic, ritual, and holistic attunement. I'll investigate incorporating Sidereal and Tropical perspectives on the purpose of the Lunar Nodes, as well as how they can be harnessed through indigenous wisdom. We'll take a look at the current transiting North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius and learn how we can activate their magical potential for each Rising Sign.

All-Access Pass Bonus

Transiting Lunar Nodes through the Houses PDF. This document will explore the current Tropical Gemini-Sagittarius Lunar Node transit for each Rising Sign and how to cultivate this energy for optimal alignment. It includes integrations from the Sidereal Taurus-Scorpio Nodal Axis. Together these transits can help us connect with our bodies and minds through presence, which can pave the way for growth and transformation.

Elmina Bell of Mulema Alchemy is a trauma-informed peer-support facilitator, astrologer, card reader, sound healing meditation guide, and a budding medium. She’s a first-generation American born to Cameroonian parents with a few Togolese roots as well. Elmina is 2017 Howard alum and currently a first-year graduate student at FAMU’s Community Psychology program. Finding connections between cultures, spirituality, and mental health is her passion. She's launching the Indigenous Mental Health Awareness Network International (IMHANI) with her diverse team of healers, ancestors, and spirit guides. Elmina plans to teach, practice, and research culturally competent indigenous holistic healing methods for improved mental health.


Noon PDT / 3 pm EDT

Jupiter: Your Path, Frequency, and Chart Spirit Ruler

Jupiter represents your path. It’s your most natural frequency, way of being, and navigating. I call Jupiter our “chart spirit ruler” because it’s a bridge between the physical and non-physical. Jupiter is the path of Spirit or Life flowing into or through you. Aligning with Jupiter expands your consciousness and brings you back to your truest self. Just like The Wheel of Fortune tarot card, Jupiter brings fortunate opportunities - but we don’t get them unless we’re open and available. Join me to explore Jupiter and open your field to grow and flow.

All-Access Pass Bonus

Jupiter Chart Spirit Ruler PDF - A guide for Jupiter through the signs including a brief summary of the path, frequency, how you can go further and bigger than ever, PLUS power animals and gemstone allies to work with along the way.  

Tara Aal is an evolutionary astrologer, writer, and artist working with the Tarot, crystals, and animal medicine. She teaches, lectures, is a regular presenter with EA Zoom Meetings on YouTube, and a member of Planet Buzz on Talk Cosmos Radio. Tara’s work is in many publications and she has a book coming out in 2021: "Astrology by Moonlight – Exploring the Relationship Between Moon Phases & Planets to Improve & Illuminate Your Life" (publisher Llewellyn). Currently, Tara’s the resident astrologer & lead writer for Sage Goddess and serves on the ISAR Board as Marketing Director.


1:30 pm PDT / 4:30 pm EDT

Transformation Treasure Hunt Workshop with the #FairyGodMuva + friends

ABRACADABRA! What would you create with a magic wand? Your #FairyGodMuva of miracles is here! Beyond collective ‘wishes’ in the Age of Aquarius, mizChartreuse offers inventive, innovative conversational technology for transforming the BEing of humans. Come look at what area of life Aquarius activates in your chart, and create a new possibility for you to BE powerful so you can then DO something with the wealth of information you already HAVE...right now. The era of special speakers on pedestals talking AT you is extinct. Besides, *knowing* makes no difference in your effectiveness in life!

This interactive workshop is not a movie: everyone participates. In this seminar-style conversation for transformation, skip the popcorn and bring your notebook! miz Chartreuse guides the treasure hunt, asking key questions and interacting with attendees. No magic tricks here--just a training in the technology of BEing human, NBD. This space is your access to being a force of nature, now. This is it!

All-Access Pass Bonus

Mirror of Venus: Reflections on Love + Miracles 'zine / coloring book PDF

mizChartreuse guides seekers of healthy relationships to transformation with Venus: music, money, meditation + miracles. As the #FairyGodMuva of The Venus Academy, she creates technOcolor music video horoscopes called #CoverGirlScopes, and is a featured astrology + spirituality relationship consultant on the new Intro: Experts video call app for iOs. Her work has been featured in the LA Times, AOL, HuffPost, Tarot.com, Numerologist, and BRIDES Magazine. Chartreuse is the author of The Yoni Egg Shadow Integration Workbook: your 28-day Astrological guide through the Womb Wellness Journey, and is a teaching assistant and contributing editor for the AstroTwins at Astrostyle online.


Roundtable Discussions

Join us as our presenters discuss compelling astrology topics and we take your questions LIVE.

*Please note new time*

Saturday, April 17 
3 pm PT / 6 pm ET
Jupiter in Pisces: A New Roaring 20's?

Sunday, April 18
3 pm PT / 6 pm ET
Ethics in Astrology

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Christina Caudill
Radiant Astrology

Christina is an astrologer, teacher, past life facilitator and transformation guide. She guides clients toward gaining clarity on their life purpose, cultivating inner wisdom and accessing their personal power in alignment with their Soul's intentions. Her teachings are informed by evolutionary astrology, shamanic practices (Alberto Villoldo), ancestral medicine (Sobonfu Some, Daniel Foor) and Jungian depth psychology. Christina hosts the Radiant Astrology Podcast on iTunes and is a contributing writer for the Organization of Professional Astrology (OPA) Magazine. She has produced and hosted several online summits including The Astrology of Awakening Summit, The Astrology of Purpose and Power Summit and Aquarius Rising (Reimagined). She recently lectured at the Northwestern Astrology Conference (NORWAC) 2020 online conference and will be featured in the forthcoming Great Lakes Astrology Conference online in June 2021.


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