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[Limited Time] Jupiter in Taurus Focused Reading

Available until June 3

This special focused reading will illuminate how the Jupiter in Taurus transit will impact you including opportunities for abundance, creative fulfillment and pleasure. 

Your package includes -
// A 30-minute audio reading focused on the 1-year transit of Jupiter through Taurus including the opportunities to watch for and the potential challenges to be aware of. We'll look at all the major contacts of Jupiter in Taurus to your natal chart during this year-long transit.

// A reflection on the significant Jupiter aspects in the sky and how that may impact you, including:
- Jupiter square Pluto
- Jupiter conjunct the North Node
- Jupiter conjunct Uranus

// We'll delve into your Taurus-ruled house, your natal Jupiter and natal Venus for patterns that help to illuminate how this transit offers fertile ground for creativity, finances, wisdom-seeking and pleasure.

// BONUS I'll include a PDF of notes and journal prompts so that you can continue to reflect upon your reading and explore what your soul is calling for you to be aware of during this period.

// You'll receive an oracle card reading for deeper spiritual insight into your Jupiter potential.

Terms and Conditions: Please allow 3 to 10 days for delivery via email. The sooner you place your order, the shorter your turnaround time.
No refunds are available for this offer.

What People Are Saying:

This was amazing! Thank you so much! You provided me with so much more info than I anticipated! Thank you thank you :)

Caryn Milliot

Your interpretation of my “story” was wonderful to listen to. It's a graciousness that can be lacking in other astrologers, which brought my reading to life and I so appreciated.

Cheryl Gary