The Astrology of Awakening II: Renewal of Hope Summit All-Access Pass

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All-Access Pass Bonuses

  • Becca Tarnas "Iridescent Infinity: Participatory Theory and Archetypal Cosmology." This article, from Issue 5 of Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology, explores the spiritual implications of astrology from the perspective of what is known in the field of transpersonal studies as "participatory theory." The essay lays out how astrology can be a spiritual discipline and a spiritual way of knowing, and explores the metaphysics of an archetypal perspective. ($20 value)
  • Melissa LaFara Turning the Wheel: A Jupiterian Tarot Journey. In this bonus, you will be prompted through journaling exercises, using the tarot or oracle cards, to help you get closer to your natal Jupiter signature and how Jupiter in Aquarius and Pisces add to the next stage of your growth unfolding. ($25 value)
  • Raquel Reyes "Self Soothing through the Elements" is a downloadable guide that will connect you to the four foundational elements of Astrology: Fire, Earth, Air & Water. As we continue to move through personal and Collective shifting, the ability to self-soothe has become incredibly valuable... especially when it correlates to our own personal Astrology! With tips, methods, and techniques for all 12 signs, you can work with the elements as a form of self-care as you continue to explore your cosmic journey! ($30 value)
  • Nura Rachelle Finding Resilience - Journaling + Meditation Guide. This journaling meditation guide invites further self-awareness by offering a questioning process for use when working through life's challenges. Sitting with our chart, we can look into our patterns intellectually as well as intuitively. With this balanced process we can connect with greater internal clarity - honoring where we are, and where we'd like to go next. ($25 value)
  • Rachel Lang Guided Abundance Meditation audio. This meditation will help you uncover and clear anything hidden in your subconscious mind keeping you from experiencing abundance in your life. With sound healing frequencies and gentle music composed by Rachel Lang, this meditation will free you to be a magnet for positive experiences in abundance, success, and love. ($30 value)
  • Dr. Stormie Grace 2021 VIBE PLAYLIST for you to jam with all year! Enjoy taking time to just engage and channel the vibe of each sign and element in this totally inspired musical arrangement. ($30 value)
  • Georgia Takacs Early Access to 'The Sacred Society Podcast', with Episode 1 - 'Our Sacred Ground: Awakening to Our Values.' The Sacred Society Podcast is hosted by Georgia Takacs & Camille Mucino.  It is a podcast intended to uplift the awareness and understanding of this great 'Age of Transition' - toward a new human society and a new experience of being alive. ($20 value)
  • Alyssia Osorio The 6th house Uncensored - If the 6th is between the 5th house of sex and procreation and the 7th house of relationships, what can this cadent house do for us regarding sexuality? ($25 value)
  • Nissa Liu The 5 Aspects Of Your Ultimate Becoming exclusive podcast episode, collaboration with Melissa LaFara. Behind The Scenes Astrology Conversation where we delve into significant astrological transits of - Jupiter Return - Nodal Return - Saturn Return - Neptune Square - Uranus Opposition ($20 value)
  • Fern Vuchinich Herbal Allies for Nodal Healing PDF for each of the 12 Zodiac signs to support your natal Nodal placement with herbs. ($25 value)
  • Shu Yap Venus Cycle Chart - An infographic mapping out the significant dates of the current Venus cycle to support you with your Venus-based rituals, practices and sky observations. ($30 value)
  • Dr. Jenn Zahrt Thirty-Six Ways to Enhance your Predictive Precision. Drill down to a whole new level of chart analysis. In this jam-packed PDF, Dr Zahrt breaks down the essential dignity known as “triplicity” and shows you how to use it to enhance your understanding of a chart 36-fold. Once you start using the techniques presented here, you’ll become more addicted than ever to the beauty of astrology’s precision. ($25 value)
  • Jo Gleason Your Waymaking Guide to 2021 - This worksheet is your guide to the liminal in 2021, containing rising sign-specific 12th House horoscopes, journal prompts, and affirmations to help you tend the inward-facing parts of your journey this year. ($25 value)
  • Dr. Laura Michetti Persian Conjunctions and the Origins of the Saturn Return; from Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology, Issue 7. ($25 value)
  • Taylor Ursula Visualize Spring audio hypnosis download. Hypnosis allows us to process deep internal shifts and provides us guidance toward our heart’s desires. In this practice, I will guide us through processing our time in winter, preparing us for our goals and needs as we shift into spring so that we can welcome the equinox with clear eyes and full spirit. ($30 value)
  • Nia Boaz Fyler The Nature of the Uranus Saturn current cycle slide deck. The Uranus-Saturn squares of 2021 and their implications. Learn more about the character of this celestial aspect historically and symbolically. ($25 value)
  • Elmina Bell Transiting Lunar Nodes through the Houses Guide PDF. This document will explore the current Tropical Gemini-Sagittarius Lunar Node transit for each Rising Sign and how to cultivate this energy for optimal alignment. It includes integrations from the Sidereal Taurus-Scorpio Nodal Axis. Together these transits can help us connect with our bodies and minds through presence, which can pave the way for growth and transformation. ($25 value)
  • Tara Aal Jupiter Chart Spirit Ruler guide PDF - A guide for Jupiter through the signs including a brief summary of the path, frequency, how you can go further and bigger than ever, PLUS power animals and gemstone allies to work with along the way.  ($25 value)
  • mizChartreuse Mirror of Venus: Reflections on Love + Miracles 'zine / coloring book PDF ($25 value)
  • Christina Caudill Invitations to Destiny: Nodal Transits to the Angles NORWAC 2020 Video presentation and slide deck examining opportunities of destiny when the Lunar Nodes transits to the Angles of the Natal Chart, features charts of Oprah Winfrey, Prince and Malala. ($40 value)

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