Solar Returns: Preview Your Year Ahead

Uncategorized Aug 11, 2021

Your birthday is special.

But probably not in the way you expect...

Astrologers know that the birthday chart, also known as the Solar Return, is a powerful tool for prediction.

You see, each year at your birthday, the transiting Sun returns to the degree of your Natal Sun. The chart cast for this moment is your Solar Return chart for the coming year.

The Solar Return chart is a simple yet powerful astrological tool that provides a vision for the most significant areas of life and how they may unfold.

I'm so excited to host our special guest astrologer Shu Yap of Australia for this free webinar on Solar Returns on August 18 so that you can preview the major themes for your year ahead. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
> How your birthday can illuminate your year ahead
> The basics of the Solar Return chart
> How to determine significant themes for your coming year
> The various ways you can use Solar Returns



It's often illuminating to look at charts of public figures to see how their cosmic destiny plays out in the public eye.

So, we'll explore these Solar Return techniques on Britney Spears' chart to glean insight into her past and important future themes.

As someone who has captured the zeitgeist, Shu thought she'd be a particularly enlightening subject for this teaching!

Be sure to stay to the end to get details on our upcoming Solar Return 4-week course which begins September 1.

We'll be offering Early Bird pricing for those who are the first to register for the course.

This webinar is free to attend but you must register at the link below.

Can't attend live? The recording will be available free for a limited time afterward.



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